Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fanning the Flames

The Fire of Hate
Joni Zipp

Feed the fire, fan the flame
No one here but YOU to blame
A frenzied lie; mass delusion
Leads too many to confusion!

You breed corruption; you harbor hate
Watch the world disintegrate.
Infect the world with pure love
Watch the radiant rain above.

As men deliver irrational fears
All that’s fueled is crimson tears.
Imagine the spread of positive flow
The Lord will erupt in a wondrous show!

We’re living in a day and age where it is so easy to spew hate instead of spreading love. I dislike many things that are happening in the world, but to keep my sanity, I turn the thoughts of distaste into love to get through my day.

So many people are willing to ‘share’ their hatred that they get others feeding the fire of hate also. It is no different than taking a match and handing it to a dry piece of kindling wood, which gets handed to a log amid a pile of dried heaped up logs, you then have formed a bonfire of hate all with your one little match of hate.

I am not a political person, so I don’t HATE my president that the country voted into office. I do dislike what is happening in our government as a whole, but does that cause me to spew hate? What am I gaining from it? Well let me tell you, it would be turning me away from the very God I profess to love! The very God that declares love is the key to all healing!

My time and energy is better off spent in sharing the gospel truth that so many of these disillusioned spewers need to hear so they can take a more positive path than the anger that they relay to the bonfire awaiting their match.

Granted, not everyone is open to God and bible quotes, so I make it a mission to share a positive spirit that might infect some of these naysayers into being more productive with their thoughts so that together, in the spirit of love, we control the power of unleashing a mass hysteria of LOVE!

As a writer I like to research where all this hate comes from and to see if it is truth that people are spewing. Oftentimes I go to Snopes. Com to debunk these myths. Recently a spewer said that even Snopes is false. So again I researched the truth and found this link Snopes Exposed!

I think we live in a world where so many people are eager to hate that they don’t even care if it is the truth or not, it just makes them feel good to get their opinion, often hate-filled, out there.

If you’re in my circle of friends, do you realize what you are doing? Do you know that with every spit of hatred it causes me to find love in the source of your anger? Do you realize the more that you fill your wall with anger posts, the more room you are giving to satan in your heart? But at least you gain a prayer in doing so because with each fan of the flames I bow my head in prayer for you.

Sure you say you love God, but how can you mix love and hate and feel clean in doing so? Last time I checked oil and water don’t mix well.

On a final note, I love my country and am grateful for every single thing I have. While you spew hate for the government, without that very government, I would’ve starved, my man would have remained blind and a leech of government funds. No, it is BECAUSE of my government my pride took a leap off a cliff and I was able to survive BECAUSE of the government.

I praise the Lord for feeding my soul, I thank my country for not judging me and giving me the ability to live and thrive.

My prayers go up for the military and their families, my prayers walk with my government instead of against them, my prayers go out to my friends (and family) who need to feel MORE of the LOVE that God offers.

Spread the LOVE, change the WORLD!!!!

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