Sunday, May 25, 2014

Poetry Sunday ~ All Good Men

All Good Men
©Adam Zipp

The gunpowder and smoke,
the sounds of a roaring hell,
that is where the glory is shed,
along with the blood stained rivers,
the sick lay wounded in their beds.

Turn away from the pain,
let the night sky fall down like rain,
it is said that good men die young,
but good men stand up to be strong.

Good men fight,
They play the songs of the war bands,
they guide us all with an unseen light,
and always take our hands.

Liberty lives within strong men,
even when evil lashes out like a roaring fire,
the darkness will seep out from the Lion’s Den,
If good men do not aspire.

They never fought alone,
One good man can win a battle,
but when grouped with many men,
together a war can be won.

The men who fought,
they are strong and wise,
they have been through the pits of hell,
always risking their lives.

In the cold months ahead,
in the long warmth of the dead,
may we give thanks to those living and gone,
for everything they have done,
let us thank a vet.

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benning said...

Powerful words, Adam! Well done! :)