Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Online Gone Right

Matt. 22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

Love Online Gone Right

The year was 2002. I had just discovered the internet via a free computer my bro-in-law had given me. I’ve told this story many times over the years but it is worth repeating because some things have changed and the backstory always gives you the broader picture.

My niece introduced me to a chatroom and the rest is history so to speak. I found it interesting that you could be this anonymous person and no one ever had to know the real you. Little did I know I was some sort of wave of electrical magnetism and could feel these people coming through my screen who were also anonymous.

I met Steven as an anonymous user and we became fast friends. I was married, he was married and we came together as friends who just needed someone to talk to. Little did I know we’d complete one another. He’d finish my sentences, I’d finish his; we found common interests that I had never shared with my husband of nineteen years.

It wasn’t a friendship based on comparison of our partners; it was a relationship being formed by the universe in some way. We knew it, our partners knew it and we all knew that there was something here that we couldn’t just walk away from, even though both spouses tried to pull us apart. This kind of soul meeting happens very few times in a lifetime and if you’ve ever been a part of a true soul-find, you know what I’m talking about.

Ten months later we took the plunge into the unknown and we met in person. Steven just coming off of a divorce and me with a marriage in shambles, and a child who needed more in life and more than my ex could ever give him.

The first couple of years were our feeling-each-other-out years. The discovery years I should say. This is where we would get to know each other in a physical sense instead of the months of a spiritual journey that we rode on. All new learning experiences for me since he was only the second man in my entire life that I ALLOWED to get into my mind; mentally, spiritually, and physically.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. At times I thought this was the biggest mistake in my life but then the thought of going back home scared me more than persevering and seeing what this future held for me. There were times I hated this man so much but the love for him was deeply embedded inside of me and the thought of a life without him was scarier than a life WITH him.

We found a church about the second year we were together. I was very committed to Christ while he had strayed from Christ over the years and wanted to return to Him. This made me very happy since my ex wouldn’t even think of church. Funny, how could I be so embroiled in Christ while neither man had even known the POWER of Him?

Then Steven went blind and my love for him turned into compassion. I was seeing him in a new light while he was relinquished to not seeing at all. I began wondering if this was the reason God brought us together so I could take care of him and show him the way into the Light of the Lord, hmm. Being blind showed Steven things he could have never experienced had he had his sight and I could feel our love deepening through this trial. After two years of being blind, the miracle of his sight was restored.

We had not really talked about marriage. We had both been there, done that sort of thing. I only just recently got a divorce and marriage just was not an option. Even though our church frowned on us living in sin, they did not understand the complexities of our relationship. We’re not bound together because of physical attraction or what we can give each other physically, our spirits binds us together.

Think of it like this:
We have this cute little electric heater sitting to my right. It’s black with a windowed front and the lattice-look that allows a fake fire to be seen behind; it is very attractive to the eye. We turn it off at night which means no electrical current is running through it. I unplug it sometimes and leave the cord just lying on the floor.

To me, this is what people come up against when they meet someone in the physical sense. They find themselves attracted to the physical person, but they haven’t plugged in the mechanism to see if it works. When they do plug in the relationship, it needs to work so like the heater, it is then turned on.

When you meet someone online, your spirits are plugged in and turned on right from the get go. It seems a little confusing and trying at times to understand what the connection is and where it came from, but if you don’t unplug it, it works. You feel the electrical current running through your system and it makes sense to keep that connection through the electrical vent of the cosmos.

Our church wanted us to turn-off our relationship for a while and see if we found our way back to one another. Sorry people, we’ve been plugged in for thirteen years now. We don’t have a relationship that turns on and off, we have a cosmic connection that can’t be unplugged from the universe.

Let me just say this, God is the current running through our veins so when we unplug from one another, we would be unplugging from Him and His connection and I’m not willing to do that.

Just last week Steven asked me to look at something…wedding bands. I’m not a fancy-scmancy kinda gal and he knows me so well I loved what he was looking at. Wait! Wedding bands? Is this a proposal? He said no in his rye only-I-can-understand sense of humor. I told him that it’s not the ring that matters; it’s what it symbolizes that does.

We’ve been through love, hate, trust, mistrust, doubts, fears, joy and sorrow and now after thirteen years together, an online connection gone right, we are now discussing a marriage that will bind us together for eternity. Let’s hope the ‘talk’ of marriage leads to one. 

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