Sunday, February 08, 2015

Help Me Lord

Pss. 12:1 Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

Help Me Lord

Help me Lord it’s been a long day
My body is failing I begin to sway.

Through the mist I see them rise,
Mangy wolves in disguise.
They rant, they rave through it all
bellowing out a howling call.

Looking like sheep dressed in white
Prowling on innocence in the night
They saunter along and show their claws
Prying open my self-made walls.

I stand alone they circle ‘round
To steal the Light in me they’ve found.
In one fell swoop they’re whisked away
My Holy Savior saves the day.

Help me Lord, to always see
The You that found a part of me.


benning said...

Having a rough day, Ma'am? :)

*HUGS!* <3

joni said...

Not really, seeing the Light through the dark is never a bad day.

:) *hugs*

Debbie Seko said...

Good one. The light will prevail...we must simply trust and obey even when we cannot understand. But some days are harder than others. ((hugs))

joni said...

What is so ironic is that I wrote this in November and just gave it its first posting on Sunday not realizing its relevance to yesterday's drama.

God is ALIVE and always working in my life. He IS my Light!

Thanks Deb!