Monday, June 29, 2015

Everything Has Changed

Luke 21:34 “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.”

I was going to write this yesterday but I thought it would come off as a bitter post instead of the mixed emotions I’m feeling. I took a deep breath this early morning with the temps at 6 a.m. hovering in the upper fifties. Ahhh the summer morning temps have yet to arrive, although I’m sure they will, for at least a month or so. My sympathy goes out to those enduring scorching heat and drought.

Back to my thoughts… everything has changed. I didn’t ask for the change but I was certainly ready and knowing it would happen. I assumed others were ready too but it looks as if it caught them unawares just as the bible stated.

In the passing of a week, I woke to find friends who’ve I known for quite a while sending off some much more than usual hate filled vibes. Why? What happened? What changed? It’s kind of funny how I woke and saw a few of my friends hadn’t changed, their vibes came through as often they do, as a light I see in them, while others just exuded inner hate that poured through the screen even if they didn’t intend it that way, you could FEEL the pool of hate.

It started with the Confederate flag. A kid, 20 years old, walked into an African American church and killed nine people all in the name of HATE. He had posted on Social Media his hate and was seen touting the Confederate flag, which by the way is part of American history, but seen as a waving of hatred of blacks across the south. So the plea went out to remove the flag from the State Office buildings.

I noticed a small ripple in the pool of hate. The Confederate flag! How dare they remove this symbol from our history, they cried. I wish the poor poor me tears would flow out to sea, but no, the hate wallowed in the pool never to meet a river of love.

I DO realize the Confederate flag is a part of our history but people are just so riled and ready to spew hate they attacked at the first sign of unrest. I realized now more than ever before that the white man has never really accepted the black man into the same circle. Many will deny it but after this past year it is EVIDENT in the pool of hate! Last week we watched a movie called BUTLER and it showed me quite vividly how the black community has been oppressed by the white man for no other reason than the color of their skin! (A GREAT movie by the way.)

Then the whopper – the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage will be accepted in ALL 50 states! Wow, talk about an epic eruption of hate. The Social Media lit up in rainbows, people changing their profile pic to be overshadowed in a rainbow as a show of support of gay pride. People making fun of the gay community as far as going on and saying all pedophiles are changing THEIR profile pics to the rainbow too, that to me was a slap in the face to gays and the hatemongers to ‘like like’ when others are WITH them in their hateful opinions.

Oh wait that’s not all, the so-called Christians stood on their self-righteous soap box saying, “That is not in the bible! Homosexuality is against God!” You could even see the smoke flaming out of their nostrils as the huffed and puffed. Me? I’m being judged for not falling into their hate trap. I’m teased for my mental instability and physical disability, no human is right these days.

Did you know that every single homosexual is a human being? Created by God? They are the sons and daughters of God loving parents; they are the aunts and uncles of possibly YOU! I know many who love God as much as YOU! They are HUMAN BEINGS!!!! Yet you treat them as scum on the bottom of your shoe?

If this is how you carry on Jesus’ work then I better go back and read the bible and see where Jesus condemned homosexuals to hell without any chance of salvation. I need to see the story of Jesus walking along a dirt road coming upon two men having sex and saying, “REPENT you sinner or be condemned to hell for eternity!”

The way I see it, we ARE ALL condemned to hell!!! His blood was shed for me a sinner yet I am condemned to hell? People want God back in this world but maybe what they need is God in their SOUL and stop condemning every single thing that you don’t agree with. I don’t see millions of Christians marching and protesting for the return of religion to this nation, yet you claim to stand with Christ? You turning a blind eye awaiting the return of Jesus, how’s that working for ya?

I can see the real Christians. Their walk is in Christ. They lift up their voices in the name of love and ignore all the hate-spewers and carry the armor of God, in a manner that Christ himself taught Christians to do. They don’t judge, taunt, tease and hide behind words that they don’t wish to LIVE by.

While everyone’s newsfeed on Facebook was lighting up to a Confederate War with a Splash of Skittles, my newsfeed looked like it always does: food, kitties, roses, flowers, scripture and prayer. Yeah, apparently that makes me mentally unstable, have a good laugh. Now I have to wonder just whom I’m befriending. * scratching my head *

As satan is lurking effortlessly and having people do his bidding, I struggle every day to keep my focus on GOD and LOVE! No easy task in a world of hate. Wake up people, the world is changing. You don’t want to be caught sleeping now, do you?

Heb 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”


Moonshooter said...

Joni, you know the meaning of love and what being a Christian is all about. :D

joni said...

Thank you, John! *big hugs* :D

NurseArtist said...

Joni, I share your frustration. Some people will never get the message, Hate the sin but love the sinner. If you're white, you must be racist. If you're black, you must be discriminated against. If you are Christian, you are persecuted, and if you are Atheist you must be evil. I try to share my faith, and I am unfriended for being preachy. It is becoming very difficult to say anything any more that some one won't criticize. But as i grow older, and see events unfolding before my eyes that lead me to believe we are in the End Times and our Judgment Day is coming soon, I can't help but try to lead others toward the Light of God. I will have to do some intense praying today. God bless you for your efforts in poetry.

joni said...

Thank you, Dixie. I don't feel so alone when upstanding people like yourself, stand with me and not against me.
It's a crazy world out there but I do feel LOVE will win in the end.