Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do We Know the Future?

Luke 21: 21: 9 “But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.”

Sunday’s sermon touched on the false prophet who claims to know when the end of the world was near. We hear it all the time that these are the end times but keep in mind that during Jesus’ time the apostles and people all thought that they too were living in the end times. Every generation and false prophet claims that they hold the truth and know when the end times will be.

Matt. 24: 36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

I realized many years ago that focusing on these false prophecies were only doing more harm than good. It kept me from focusing on God and by allowing myself to be led into this false prophecy satan is achieving his goal and that goal is: “The more lies I feed them, the more they believe what I’m saying and not listening to the truth that God has shown them.”

Let me ask, if you knew they day and hour that you were going to die, would you do anything different? Of course you would! But knowing that the Lord has a set day and time for the day of earth to end, you do nothing?

When a blizzard is said to be coming, people rush out and stock up on food, snacks and toiletries preparing to be hunkered down for days on end. Then the day arrives and not even a flurry lands on the grass, making you realize you prepared for nothing. 

That is exactly what false prophecy is, it gets you thinking the end is near and you prepare for it in fear and then it doesn’t come to fruition. Your fears were based on lies. Yes we can rest assured that God does not lie or instill fear in us, and the end WILL happen and we should only be preparing for our entry into heaven, not wandering about looking to see if the end is upon us so that YOU know (or think you know) when the end will come. God will let those who see, see and those that hear, hear.

There’s a terrorist group that is doing this same thing, instilling fear in people. I’m not going to name them because of course that showers more attention on them and I see that they get enough attention so I’ll let you think about it for a moment. God does not instill fear or terror and anyone who does instill fear is nothing more than a cowardly bully.

Think about it, satan instills fear. We fear death, we fear not measuring up, we fear losing our job and we fear everything and nothing. To live in fear of impending terror you give power to fear.  I hear people cursing God for creating them as worthless to society. I hear people cry in desperation for some kind of anything to help them get through trouble but note, they WON’T give power over to God. They would much rather allow satan run their lives into the pits of hell than admit they NEED God to reign in their life.

I know quite a few atheist (and no, it isn’t you because you’re reading me for the inspiration you seek) an atheist doesn’t have time for inspiration, I assume they only have time for living in fear. I’m not here to judge them because if they are happy, truly happy living that way, well more power to them.

I wonder why so many people are obsessed with when the end will happen. You know what I say? Live every day like it was the last day on earth and you won’t have to live in fear or worry when the end will come.

One of the things that I feel at peace with is that my dad didn’t fear death. When he went into the hospital he knew he wasn’t going to go back home. As much fighting to live the man did, he didn’t fear death even on his last day. With one of his last breaths he told my mother he loved her and I know he was at peace in going to his heavenly home.

No one can predict the future. Not even Jesus knew when the end was going to happen so listening to a minister say HE knows when the end is, you are just feeding his ego of lies. No one knows!!! When it ends, we should all be prepared, not in a panic state, not in a fearful state but in a peaceful state.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching and many people traveling the highways, the railroads and the skies, instead of going in fear of what MIGHT happen, go in love and be thankful for a family to go home to on the holiday. Be grateful for the time spent on this earth and cherish every last second because one never knows, it might be your last.

Matt. 24:36 “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”


NurseArtist said...

You are certainly right in that we do not know when God will reappear and take his Faithful Home in the final reckoning. The Book of Revelations gives us signs to watch for, and Jesus urges us to be ready for His return. I pray that I am wrong and we have a thousand years yet to live upon this earth. However, with current events being what they are, I fear for my children and grandchildren, that they will be forced to make a life or death choice in their lifetime, possibly in my lifetime. I know that God is the final victor, and that makes me happy. I pray that those who must fight the final battles will have the strength and fortitude and especially the faith needed to stand up to Satan.
I believe God gives us signs to watch for, so that we will think about our futures and repent from our sins, and turn our lives over to God. I also believe that we should be talking about this to others, so they can repent also. I see this world becoming a very sinful place, where in some places, simply praying to God can create legal and ethical situations that are harmful. That is simply wrong. I see schools denying Christian children the right to pray in their own faith, but are indoctrinating our children into a faith that not only condones killing, but demands it. I must admit, this is frightening to me, even though I know God wins in the end, I fear the suffering that will lead up to that point. I pray I will make the right decisions when the time comes.
I pray you and your family find peace and have a happy Thanksgiving.

joni said...

Thanks Dixie. I wish you a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving! <3

Peace has washed over me like a finely crafted new blanket. My writing has been an amazing source for grief relief.

I am truly blessed.