Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm Thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

1 Chron. 16: 8 “Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.”


It is with joy and not sadness that I approach Thanksgiving this year. I’ll probably be filled with sadness the closer we get to Christmas when I get the blues because I can’t share yet another Christmas holiday back home with my family. I’m okay with that, it’s just the songs bring about a melancholy spirit that hovers around the Christmas trimmings.

I’m an optimist so I do try to see the good in everything. For some reason that gives me a sense of peace that washes over me like a soft summer rain. So this Thanksgiving I have to reflect on what I am thankful for. I know, I know, I just lost my father and CAN I find something to be thankful for? Yes, yes I can!

Yes I’m thankful for all of the normal things: a home, a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator and heat for the house. I am also thankful for more:

*I’m thankful that I had the years I did with my dad.
*I’m thankful that we shared the stars, the storms, and the rain.
*I’m thankful my dad stood by me for so many years, then allowed me to spread my wings and move far far away from home, knowing full well he’d never have the chance to see me again.
*I’m thankful my dad loved my mother so much and instilled in her the strength she would need to get through his death.
*I’m thankful my dad found God!
*I’m thankful my husband finally decided to marry me!
*I’m thankful for my son who has grown to be his own man.
*I’m thankful for shooting stars as a way to communicate with my dad.
*I’m thankful for my dog that has a wonderful loving family surrounding her on cold nights.
*I’m thankful for Facebook as a form of communicating with my family back home and the chance to watch my nieces (and nephews) children grow without ever meeting them.
*I’m thankful for my spiritual friends, the writing ones and the ones that I met through God’s leading them to me or me to them, who in a virtual way, wrap their loving arms around me and comfort me in amazing ways via Facebook.
*I’m thankful for Auntie Sue & Papa John and for Ben, for showing me their love extends past the virtual screen!

Let me just say, I didn’t need to do the 30 days of thankfulness because I am thankful 365 days a year; for being alive, for sharing God’s word and my faith, and for friends and family!

May each and every one of you have a safe a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

I Give Thanks

For all we are and all we do
we give our thanks each day.
We live, grow, change and mend
I give my thanks and pray.

I thank my mother and father
for all the things they gave.
Within their hand they held my life
but only One could save.

I led the life He wanted for me
although the road was rough.
I never look back with any regret
the rocky roads were tough.

The path was laid before we were born
the forks were all in place.
Which we chose was a cosmic bend
that altered time and space.

I found a cross in my walk
as I wandered through each year.
Whimsical times and frenzied mind
He made it all seem clear.

The crystal shell lay in shards
glass was torn to pieces.
He put them all together again
my love for Him never ceases!

I thank the Lord for carrying me
through my most daunting days.
I’m mended now because of Him,
a path of new-found ways.


benning said...

I'm thankful for a God who has provided salvation for me even though He knows what a bad person I am. :D Thankful for the friends I have found through writing, and through the Interwebs. :) Thankful for the Blessings poured out on me with a job, home, food, and nice people. Thankful for the Men and Women of the Armed Forces, and all the First Responders.

Thanks, Joni, for being a pal. :D Wheeeeee!

joni said...

:) I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and you eat lots of pie!
Maybe then you'll stop bugging me for some. :P

*HUGS* Ben, my pal my friend!!