Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Running On Fear

Pss. 40:3 “And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.”

Running on Fear

They said it was coming, they announced life or death. Catastrophic they claimed, live or DIE they heralded. It came, it went, flooding and downed trees and plenty of power outages. The over hype of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes have been instilling fear for years as the forecasters use their state of the art technology to give you a so-called accurate prediction.

I personally like the names like Storm of the Century or Snowmageddon all to hype fear or to save lives? How many of you have a smoke alarm in your house? How often does it go off when you burn toast or boil water? Would you get rid of it because of its annoying over-hyped warning of impending doom or do you keep it for that one time it might just save your life?

People left their homes only for them to be burglarized. Stores were boarded up and yet were looted by the thugs who see storms as an open opportunity to pillage property. It’s not enough that these people might lose everything to a devastating storm but to be robbed when they’re told to run to safety? And we wonder why people stay behind to ride out the storm? People would rather die than lose everything they own to criminals.

For some reason this makes me think of centuries past when Moses told the people to wait for him to receive God’s word and the people acted like animals instead of having the patience to ‘wait on the Lord’. People live in a selfish little ‘it’s all about me’ world and nothing can override the necessity of sanity and control.

The world is all about taking advantage. Taking advantage of people and situations has become the norm to the point I wonder why I wake up in the morning to face this catastrophic downfall of the human species. I like to think that I’m waiting on the Lord but then I think, am I fooling myself? Everyone else is out there one-upping the next guy and I’m sitting here waiting on the Lord? 

It’s like the smoke alarm, is it worth it to just wait until it is really needed to see its worth? Or do you just get rid of it after the first pan of over-cooked bacon sets the thing blaring? To ME, the Lord is worth the wait. With all the glaring signs of impending doom, with all of the people out to get something for nothing, with all of the people complaining because the forecasters over hype of a devastating storm that wasn’t, I’m happy to be that one rare jewel in the bottom of the ocean, waiting on the Lord to finally take His stance.

Fear is making a resounding play on the hearts of man. Let out the thundering signs, cry out the uproarious impending doom, and ring out the forceful warnings. One day as you’re sitting in silence waiting you’ll be glad you patiently waited on the Lord instead of being filled with fear.

“Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity.” 
~ Thomas Hardy ~


benning said...

I know I don't wait for the Lord in the way I should. I'm pretty sure God knows what a lousy follower I am. But He also knows I have utter Faith in His Word. For me, part of that 'waiting on the Lord' is to prepare, as well. Don't wait on the Lord to send a boat your way. Pack up and git! One's life is far more precious than belongings. Prepare, always.

But trust the Lord to handle what you can't. 'Cause He's there ahead of you. :D

"over-cooked bacon" ~ This is a nonsense phrase, Joni. It is a thing unknown in the world. ;)

joni said...

First of all, there is no 'certain way' that is right to 'wait on the Lord'. (blog post idea, thx.)

Second of all, I believe He knows what lousy followers WE ALL are.

You answered number three, part of waiting for Him is preparing for Him, in everything. But don't pack up and go because He hasn't sent for you yet, and it is why we wait for Him.

For me, it is every breath. I wake and say, "You didn't come?" and wait another day after all, I'm prepared. (I try to be) :)

Over-cooked bacon is burnt, there IS such a thing! :P I only used that analogy to get a response like THAT from you. lol

benning said...

"Over-cooked bacon is burnt, there IS such a thing!" ~ Oh, you poor misguided naif. :(

*tsk tsk tsk*


joni said...

I ALMOST didn't let this go through...name calling *tsk tsk* :P

benning said...

LOL <3