Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poetry Sunday

A Rainbow's Song

You descended upon me

as a fine billowy white cloud.

Wrapped your essence around me

absorbed all of my gray,

to rain your love on me.

You carried me blissfully away

into the warmth of the sunshine

to create a beautiful rainbow's song.

You enveloped me with the

flaming passionate reds.

Gave me the blue hues

of an infinite sky.

Showered me with the yellows

of purity

Blossomed around me

the fragrance of aromatic oranges.

Planted me safely

in a field of wondrous green.

Your love has been a song to my soul…

an everlasting rainbow's song…

To infinity…and beyond.


Granny said...

Poetry like thismakes me want to dablle in it again. :-D

Raven said...


This makes me want to go back to childhood and laze under my favorite tree. I kept getting images of light filtered through the tree's canopy and sensory imagery of grass and cool dirt under my back.

Back then, we were so much braver. LOL. Ticks? Heck! I picked dozens off and kept playing.

Beautiful work, as always'