Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poetry Sunday ~ Embracing Beauty

Adams pic
(the budding

Embracing Beauty
All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp
The land has erupted in a glorious sound
today the birds are searching the ground;
high above they soar to the skies
in the tree one tries and flies.

The earth is ripe with glistening greenery
new birth is lending my eyes great scenery.
I gaze out over the expansive plain
that breathes for release from the springtime rain.

I can not fathom all that has changed
My routine life has been rearranged.
I wake in the morning and inhale beauty
My call to God’s land feels like my duty.

I tend the grass, my family, my home
Out in the mid-west my soul can roam.
I craved this lifestyle for many years
through too much hardship and tons of tears.

Now I hold my dream in my hand.
No longer confined, I’m tending the land
Inhaling all that God wants me to see
I rejoice in His love, He has set me free.

I’m like the bird who sits in the nest.
just waiting for food while he’s at rest.
I have my wings, I’m ready to soar;
I take to flight I’m imprisoned no more!
All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp


Raven said...

I was here for my weekly dose of inspiration. Thanks for keeping this up. It's a good reminder for a writer who sometimes gets a little too close to the dark side. lol.

One must always remember to counteract the effects of nasty characters with the goodness and light that is obtainable through quiet reflection of our spiritual life.

Thank you Joni,


joni said...

Oh, I have some dark poetry too! lol
BUT I like to use this venue to inspire not depress. :-)

I'm glad it's a weekly dose of inspiration for you! :-)