Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What Is A Mother
A mother is God’s way of saying
That He’s with you all the way
He put her here in His place
So you would never be led astray.

She watches over and protects you
In any manner that she sees fit.
She brings you up to be a good person,
Yet she spoils you a little bit.

Once you’ve left home she’s still there
As God would want her to be
A mother goes on with her own life
Yet she always has room for me.

God created a beautiful thing
When He created a Mother
Especially the one he blessed me with
Who could be replaced by no other.

As dreary clouds are hanging today
Thoughts of you have come my way.
Thoughts of all the good times we shared
Times of love that showed you cared.

I think of me as a very young girl,
Who scampered about to brighten your world.
I think of times we would sit and talk.
Or the times we’d spend on a shopping spree walk.

So many times your words I would heed
And now I’m away in your time of need.
I wish I could hold you tight in my arms
Sing to you with lullaby charms.

I want so much to turn away from this dream,
Of becoming a writer with a pen-filled stream.
I wish I could give what you gave to me.
But I have nothing to offer, a burden I’d be.

I know in my heart I can not return.
To a life of uncertainty with bridges to burn.
I need to stay here and make you proud.
Shamefully leave my humble head bowed.

But on this day I can send my love
And know in my heart your blessed from above.
For God has watched us through the years
And surely he’ll dry up all of your tears!

Happy Mother's Day to all


June said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you!

These are I wipe away a tear or two...

Take care,

Raven said...

Beautiful work, Joni.

A tribute to the connection between a daughter and her mother.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Oh, and welcome back!


joni said...

My two favorite writer's in the whole wide world!
okay a bit of excitement came through.

June, I'm almost back. lol I do have an Internet connection but still have lots to do around the place. Getting there! :-)

My dear friend, thanks for hanging in there. I'm glad you had your fill of my poetry while I was away. :-)

Happy Mother's day to you too! :-)


Granny said...

Simply beautiful joni. Thanks so much for sharing.