Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Setting Goals

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Setting Goals

I am not one to set goals or make plans for myself but as I get further into my writing career I realize their needs to be some discipline in setting goals.

I’ve been so entranced with life’s happenings that I haven’t had the time to set goals. I realize how important it is to set and KEEP goals. Maybe start off on a small scale of, “Today I’m going to write 100 words.” Then as you move onto the next week try 500 words, then a 1000. The goals are limitless!

Another trick for the brave, is to set your goals high! If you set them too low, all that you will accomplish is low achievement. Do we want low achievement? I didn’t think so. You want success! That is what we all want. Achieving success is not easy, it takes hard work and dedication. Commitment. Perseverance.

When we aim high in our goals, we are setting ourselves up to become all that we can be. Accept no less.

I set a goal many years ago of getting out of the city. Although it took close to twenty years, I am now sitting on a 40 acre farm. Sure I’m renting the house, but the 40 acres is attached to the homes on the property and when I wake up in the morning, I no longer hear cars bustling through the streets, music pounding making the windows tremble. No longer do I have neighbors thumping up the stairs and across the floor.

I hear birds, and horses, cows and wild turkey’s. I see miles and miles of land and I’m savoring all this beauty. Now I need to set my writing goals. As soon as I get settled in and unpacked, I’ll be focusing on my writing like never before. I’m going to obtain the unobtainable, I’m going to achieve the highest standards I can and accomplish everything I set my mind to.

Now what are you going to do? Are you going to set goals daily? Weekly? Monthly? Don’t just say it, DO IT! Get yourself a journal just for setting goals and then go after the goals like prey in a field, waiting to be devoured.

Stop by and let me hear your progress. We can do this together or alone, the choice is yours, but always know, you have an eye that is here to coax you along!

Now get to it!



I agree with the point you made on setting your goals high by thinking big. I used to have a good friend of mind who always speak about big thinks, while, he is none of what he talks about. Whenever he chats with friends, he always talk about how he dine and wine and mingles with people with "Aristicrate" status-quo. Since I have been around him and know who he is and what he worths, I kind of get impress with the way he present himself in terms of personality. To me, he thinks highly big of himself; he paints a picture of himself which is so high in the class hierarchy ladder that somethings I wonder when and how long it will take him to climb and reach that pinnacle he speaks so proudly and oftenly about. I got to learn that by him thinking and speaking big of himself, he will be wining the friendship of people who are there already, and someday, he will actually be in that class. Truely speaking, he inspires me to cultivate the same attitude of speaking highly of my social status quo. I guess this is all about having "FAITH."

June said...

For myself, I set yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals or I'd never get anything done.

It's one way I keep myself organized and motivated.

Take care,

joni said...

Thank you both for visiting and stating your goal setting and ideas.

Whatever works for the individual, embrace it.


Raven said...

Hi Joni,

I'm all about goals. Gotta set 'em and then meet 'em. I have a goal to write every day. Either two hours or two thousand words. It works for me. I also try to designate thirty minutes to visit my fav. blogs. And that is why I'm here right now. I'm taking a break and catching up.

Goals work in two ways. They give you something to aim for and they give you a means of determining whether or not you have made progress.

In January, I made the goal of sending out one story per month. When that goal is met, two stories, and so on.

So far, I'm keeping pace, although this past April I had to adjust the goal to allow for revisions.

My ideal situation is to have five or six stories in circulation while working on one NIP and two short literary stories.

We'll see if I can balance all that. Organization is the key.

Catch you on the Assembly boards.