Friday, May 22, 2009

Writing Tips!

Some helpful tips to get those keys on the keyboard tapping (or pen rolling)

1. Free-write without stopping.

This is where you pick a word, picture, idea, and start writing about the subject without stopping. You can write about your day, your mother or sister, your dog or pet, anything, just to write something.

2. Don’t make plans ahead of time

Just write the first thing that comes into your mind. Don’t debate whether it is a good topic or whether you’ll have enough to say, just keep writing.

3. Always keep tapping the keys on the keyboard. (Or keep the pen moving on the paper)

Don’t glance up to see if you’re making mistakes. (Or stop writing when you catch a mistake on paper.) Turn the internal editor OFF. There will be plenty of time for editing when you’ve written a few thousand words.

4. Sometimes it is helpful to have classical (or what ever you prefer) music to help you along.

If it becomes a distraction, turn it off and find whatever puts YOU in the mood. Is it complete silence? Is it background noise that helps? Maybe its rock & roll? Lit candles?

5. Make your workspace fun and enlightening.

Having yourself surrounded in tranquility can help those stressful days of no-writing and turn them into productive days of key tapping.

6. Write with confidence.

If you are a writer, then having the confidence of a writer means that you will accomplish something on any given day. We, as writer’s can not say, “I’m not good enough.” That shows lack of confidence in your writing. When you sit down in front of the keyboard, repeat after me, “I AM a WRITER!” Then write your heart out!

7. Study the craft

Make sure you have studied long and hard the craft that you are about to embark on. Roads have been paved for you, sure you can make your own paths, but if you lack the confidence of ever becoming a writer, it is for certain that you will NEVER become a published writer.

8. Step out of the box

You need to find a place where you fit in comfortably. Maybe you like non-fiction, spiritual tales, horror tales or sci-fi. Whatever the case may be. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of that comfort zone and trying on new clothes. Sometimes you might find a comfortable fit in sweats and a tee, but never be afraid of trying on that little black dress. Meaning, write what is NOT in your box for a change!

9. Show determination

If you are not determined to be a writer, how will you expect to ever become a published writer? Writing for family can be rewarding, but are they hearing what editor’s are reading? No, editors expect professionalism from you and it is your determination to strive for the best that will make the editor stand up and say, “Now THIS shows promise!” Give them your best!


I say this because there will come a time when you just feel like throwing your work in the trash, times when you wish you could curl up in a ball and wish this talent away. But I’m afraid to tell you, that if it is a true talent, it will haunt your days and nights like the ghost of Christmas past, present and future all rolled into one!


Raven said...

Love the ten points. :) I've been steadily working at number 5 this past weeks. Finally got my shelves up and nailed up a couple of inspirational signs. Of course I've gotta lift the drafts hanging from the line to see them, but I know they're there.
Always struggling. Always dealing with that seemingly endless road. Writing is not a means to an end, it's an ongoing process. Along the way you get to create hundreds of thousands of words. And STORIES!

Is there anything better?


Raven said...


I posted a pic of my work space over in SweetHearts. Come on over and take a peek if you have time. You can see where I murder my literary children.


June said...

Number 10 is so important (and all the tips are good ones).

Writers need to plow forward, no matter what.

Keep writing!

Take care,

joni said...

I'll have to peek in on Raven and her murderous tendencies. ;-) I know, I know, we have so much fun writing out these inner fantasies. lol

That is why I TRY to stick to inspirational! lol ;-)