Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blank Day

Genesis 37: 24 And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it.

Have you ever awakened in the morning, stretched those arms out, maybe even let out a small grunt, and said to yourself, “This is going to be a glorious day?”

As you shuffle to the dark kitchen, you run the water for the coffee. Weighing a ton, you go to pour the water in, only for it to miss the target, and go all over the counter? You plow ahead wiping the mess up, humming to yourself a favorite hymn from church “Holy, holy holy...” The coffeepot gurgles to life, now in the process of being made and you’re all set to go and write.

You have promising thoughts in your mind, especially after singing praises. You continue on only to plop down in the desk chair. The big black vinyl chair lets out a squeak that would wake the dead, marking train tracks across your brain causing miserable pain. You look around. Dog is dead to the world,  eerie silence throughout. Nothing popped out any doors or holes peeking at you in a rippled lined forehead screaming, “Keep it down!”

You start the computer. It hums to life like a newborn babe being smacked on the buttocks for the first time. Your mind begins racing with thoughts of what you’ll write, and as you rub your sweaty palms together in anticipation, the computer freezes.

“Maybe it’s the weather,” you say to yourself.

After a shutdown and a restart, you’re as ready as a race car! Your engine has been startled to life and you’re revving your engine thanks to the gas, I mean coffee,  that you gulped down. “Ready. Set. Go!”

You really need to do something about those sweaty palms. Look at those dry hands. Too much cleaning in dish water and scrub water I bet.

“Um, the screens alive. Hellooo. Stop looking at your hands and type.”

Fingers perched over this mixed up alphabet. “Ready? Tap!”


“What? You were ready when you woke up! You sang hymns, inhaled the fresh, crisp, damp morning air. You were all ready to sit and write. What do you mean, you got nothin’?”

Do you hear that? The birds are singing. Oops, I think I woke the kid up. The dog is whining. I think I’ll wash clothes today, clean and vacuum, get some spring cleaning done. Clear this clouded mind of all the clutter.

“Mom, is it my turn?”

“Sure honey, just after I...” 

So you get up from the chair without penning a word and realize, this is going to be a GLORIOUS day!

moral of the story: Just when you think you got nothing, 400 and some odd words later, YOU DO! :-)


Stormcrow said...

Don't worry, when God wants you to write, you'll write!

joni said...

I meant to put in a word count.

455 words I wrote. And who says it was a blank day? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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