Monday, March 15, 2010


Job 32:8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

What? No blog post today?

That is what happened on the way to my scribbling pad this morning. I sauntered in here, only to be empty of anything to write. So I decided to look for inspiration.

Where does one get inspiration to write, you might ask? Well it is not too hard if you go looking in the right places. Say, someone’s facebook page? I’m finding writer’s links everywhere in that place. My friends write some really good stuff and post it for everyone to see, then I find myself inspired to write!

One word can trigger a heaping helping of inspiration for me to work with. I saw the word ‘bling’ today, and not only did it draw a giggle but it had me thinking of days gone by, in my past when I was young, wild and carefree. The whole comment went like this, “You can tell the cool cattle, because they got the bling.” It was a comment on the cow pics I posted.

There I go, off on a cruise of my past thinking of when I ‘thought’ I was cool but really, I was just fitting into society. Then I grew up to be not so cool but I became an inspiring person, one who shares all the positive things that there is in life. “Keep going on,” I say.

As I read a friends story titled “Colors” I immediately wanted to write a poem on the colors of life. It is just amazing to me to realize how one word can trigger inspiration in the mind. My mind is like an ocean, thoughts come in waves, sometimes they crash on the shore only to be pulled back out to sea, while others keep lapping the shoreline frothing until it becomes one with the sand.

For inspiration, all you need to do is drink from the sea of life. The sea is never empty, never half full, it is always at a continuous flow. That is what inspires us to write, the continuous flow.

Go out today and look at the sky. Allow the funny shaped clouds to inspire you to write. Listen to the different birds playing on the lawn or in the yard, they’ll bring the song of inspiration to your heart. Run your fingers along the bark of a tree, taste the cool moist air playing like a feather on your cheek.

What I’m saying is this, the simplest things can inspire you to write, to feel, to love. All we need to do is be an open air wave ready willing and able to pick up the reception. It is there, my friends, allow life to inspire YOU!


Stormcrow said...

Very inspirational!

June said...

We must be on the same page (or close to it), Joni!

Love your take on finding inspiration.

Take care,

Doreen McGettigan said...

When I feel no inspiration, I usually clean something out like a junk drawer or a box from the basement..I usually find something that jogs a memory or thought..when I take the junk I've found out to the trash can..I always look up at the sky, take a deep breath, thank God and then sit down and type. Works every time!!

joni said...

Thanks June,

I think I have what is called Spring Fever, but then again, I can find the inspiration in a five foot snow drift too. :-)

joni said...

Great trigger Doreen!

If we look into the past, we can always find something to write about for our future. :-)

Which reminds me...I need to do some spring cleaning. :-)