Monday, July 11, 2011

Dramatizing Events

Psalms 30:3 O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.
The life of a writer is always full of drama. While other people have days where things go wrong, we writers have days of drama and we just have to spill the words onto the page to let everyone else in on our drama through what else, dramatizing.

Saturday started off like any other Saturday, except here in Nebraska it was unusually hot. ‘Another lazy hazy crazy day of Summer’ I thought. And so it began. I sat at the computer to write. I like writing my poems on Saturday to get them ready for Poetry Sunday, and maybe even pop out a post for Monday too. But that wasn’t going to happen on this day.

Adam decided he was going to mow the long grass! It’s long because every time we try to mow, the wet grass clogs up the blade and the poor mower poops out at mid shave! As was the way it went Saturday, except it started smoking. Trails of smoke lifted in the air, lingering for what seemed forever, but finally it stopped and so did Adam. “Call it a day.” I said. Oh he was more than happy to. ;)

I came in the house and tried sitting here to write, AGAIN. Beau decided to take ALL the books off the bookshelf; dust it, pull it out, and vacuum behind it. Good idea right? Wrong!!! The book shelf sits behind me at a towering 6 foot. It holds a whole lot of books! All the books on the floor, the shelf moved out, vacuuming begins. Watching as beau vacuumed, (he don’t like help, remember, he is blind yet independent!) I hear a HIGH pitch from the vacuum, recognizable as being something stuck, and sure enough, a piece of wood was stuck, shattering the belt and letting off a foul odor only to be inhaled at a community dump.

*SNAP* went his watch band. His brand new talking watch (the other ones battery died and was impossible to replace) So a new one arrived last week and *SNAP*, the band broke. “Well this day is a bust!” I said. “Let’s just call it a day.” It was about 3:30 by that time and nothing had gone right, I got no writing done, no mowing again, but the shelf was clean and shiny!

So we decided to find a new pin for the watch band, take the staple gun back to the basement and make something good come of this day. We go down the steps, beau in front, me in the back and *SNAP* My ankle snapped, I went down the last two steps hard and a scream came from me that went all the way to the heavens I’m sure.  I thought it was Fourth of July all over again, because I saw fireworks going off in my head as I sat there in pain! Tears flowed like a streaming river and had it not been for beaus strength in getting me up the steps, I’d still be lying there in pain.

Instant black and blue. Blood seeping from the scratched skin. I was on the sofa and did not move except to get to the bathroom. I had a golf club for a cane, and two guys waiting on me hand and foot. Oh the luxury of it all.

Sunday was spent with an ice pack, and another long sofa visit. I could put more weight on my foot, but then it took on the look of a Hobbits foot with no hair! Big, puffy and colorful as a storm cloud. Speaking of which, Sunday evening brought in a storm that left limbs strewn all over the place. One large one is impeding my walk down the back steps, narrowly missing the roof, for which it surely would have done roof damage!

The weekend is finally over, and I’m sitting here dramatizing the events. We’re all okay, and that is all that matters. You hear it all the time when people realize that life is really all that matters. My Hobbit foot is mending, the watch band is fixed, and I have hope that the vacuum and mower will be fine also. I just keep remembering...they are just material objects! We’re ALIVE! *Big Happy Face*

Longer than a 500 word post, but it was well worth it! Thanks for reading!


M. SUE said...

Oh, Joni~
What can I do, so far away, and so much to do right here? My "control-freakitis" kicked in when I realized I wish I knew someone there that I could send over to give you a helping hand, but then I realized it sounded like Beau and Adam were eager to lend theirs. Thankfully, they each have healthy, strong ones! "All's well that ends well" seems to fit here. Since you say you are mending, I guess we have to believe you, but somehow I suspect you are sticking out that firm chin saying, "I'm okay," when really, you need to be taking better care of you. Please take at least as good care of yourself as you would of Beau, Adam...and...the dog!
Sending love and prayers ~ M. Sue

benning said...

A weekend to remember! And avoid! :O


joni said...

Indeed! :)

joni said...

You know me so well. I'm an up and about kinda gal. And this morning I thought of washing clothes and doing things, but my smurf foot won't allow it. :)
So yes, I am taking it easy!
I can sit at the computer with my foot propped on a hassock. I can apply more pressure to the foot, so all seems to be mending. :)
I'll be running around in no time! :D

Von said...

I'm so sorry you got hurt Joni. Don't try to do too much too soon! My sister had a similar fall a few months ago. She got up too soon and now regrets it because she wakes up every morning with her foot swollen and aching. Feel better. ((Hugs))

joni said...

I'm trying so hard Von.
Being the one who does the majority of work for the house, makes it kind of hard. :( But I am getting lots of rest and a lot of propping my up. :)

It's still a Smurflike blue, but it is healing and that is good news! :)

Poetic Soul said...

That was one hell of a weekend

joni said...

I'd say! And I'm STILL recuperating from it.

Lets hope this weekend is better. :)