Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moralistic Matters

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. ~Edgar Allan Poe
I’m curious, how many writers write with morals in mind? I’m a King fan and often some of the things he writes, I have to just hang my jaw and let flies creep in as he seems to be writing from an immoral frame of mind.

When writers write do they fly outside the box and curse like a sailor, (I’ve never heard a sailor curse, so they may get a bum wrap.) Seriously, if you are a moral person, or like to think yourself one, and you’re a writer, or are at least trying to be one, do you have the right to write things that you would never in a million years write?

It’s like eroticism. I came across an eroticism writer on facebook and was appalled by what she publicly was displaying for all the world to see. Not only did her book house a naked woman on it with a mans hands in... places I won’t go there, but the whole incident made me think of what kind of woman this writer was. Was she lonely, desperate for love, needy, what? What causes someone to turn to basically pornography as a means of a living?

Isn’t that selling your soul? Selling your self worth. Just as the men or women who read and gawk at that stuff, to me they are all on the desperate train for some form of affection and needs their desires met, through words, images, whatever, to get their juices flowing. (NO PUN INTENDED HERE!!)

The woman has a facebook wall, and her posts were as sordid as her cover of the book. Her banner was sleazy, her daily posts were sleazy and it took everything in me to keep from actually vomiting! Needless to say, I didn’t want to be friends any more with the person who had accepted her as a friend.

I know there are romance writers out there and they give the women what they need. A titillating tale, that gives them just enough imagery to go off into the fantasy world with say, Fabio? I’m wondering if we’re such a deprived society. Deprived of love, if we need to sink our teeth into anything and everything that takes us on the broom ride of the fantasy world so we don’t have to face reality.

Westerns, sci-fi, and spooky horror tales are one thing, but is there an invisible line placed on the snow-blank paper, that will keep YOU, the writer, away from tapping into the desperation that your heart and soul is calling for?

I will admit, I’ve never read a romance, don’t ‘get into’ the fantasy of Harry Potter or any witches and werewolves tales, and thus, I will never write a lurid romance, or a tale of witchery, because I have morals that I abide by, and won’t cross them for some fantasy, or for the almighty dollar that everyone seems to cling to.

I am me, and there is no other!

He who has imagination without learning has wings but no feet. ~Joseph Joubert

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