Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poetry Sunday ~ When Darkness Calls

 When Darkness Calls
I crawled onto the naked floor
Wet from tears I cried before.
Clawing clenching my nails they bled
For want of need for to be fed.

I heard the solemn cries above
Shedding droplets of forlorn love.
I saw a ray as it streamed on by.
Passed my wavering longing eye.

In the gallant bristled light
Tis' where I knew I had to fight.
Slithering in the dark too long
I seek the edge of rhythmic song.

Darkness sought me when I was low
Played the game of revelries blow.
Believing he had the promising cure,
I fell for Lucifer's haunting lure.

His nails felt like a warm embrace
His fire lit my empty face.
Parts of me they tingled within.
Leading me down the road of sin.

It felt so right, so warm and true,
Betrayal a game I never knew.
Lies, deceit the blackened stares
With him my guide I had no cares.

When he had me in his clutch,
Reality hit me I lost too much.
I begged I pleaded for simple release
I wanted refuge, my inner peace.

It was that moment I felt a hand
Reach from Heaven and make me stand.
Brought me forth from the darkened night,
Into the morn of a new dawns light.

Anguish and pain were in the pit
While Lucifer he growled and spit.
Trying to tug me back into his realm
Where he alone could man the helm.

As sweat rolled down my chafing cheek,
Returned my strength no longer weak.
Angels of grace were at my feet…
True Light of love our eyes did meet.

I am the master of my own domain
Truth will abide in Light I'll remain.
No longer a victim, I'm on the mend
Thanks to the Lord my forever friend.
Job 12: 22 He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death.

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