Sunday, December 01, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ The Angel's Called

Ex. 23:20 Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.
~~The Angel’s Called ~~

The angels came from mounted high,
cradled his soul I don't know why.
Wrapped in fleece-like softened wings;
silenced now he no longer sings.

Nestled within a tidal womb
fertile bed becomes a tomb
Shrouded in the serene abode
a vacant place his body stowed.

Earthbound duty not his call,
a rain of stars on him did fall.
Whisked away before I could hold;
a lifeless body lay there cold.

Summoned to be an angel himself;
journey of breath put on a shelf.
Though I miss his earthly duty;
I savor now his angelic beauty.

  December 2nd is the BIRTHday of my son, whose eyes I never saw, whose heart that didn’t beat, whose arms were never touched, for we never did meet.

Happy Birthday to Christopher Alexander
born -- 12-2-82  moved on 12-2-82


Deborah said...

Beautiful tribute to your son, Sis! The one encouragement that I can give you is that you will be re-united with him - soon - unless the Lord tarries! But You WILL see and hold him and love on him for an eternity. Bless you! ((hugs)) and lots of love!

joni said...

Thanks Deb for the encouraging words. I need it at this time.

Emotionally drained but the power of God is lifting me higher and higher.

All Glory to God!

Tiggs said...

Beautiful poem for your son. Ditto what Deb said. You will get that chance to hold him. Know I am praying--God has put you on my heart many times the last few days.

joni said...

I knew you'd come! :)

We Christians have a spiritual connection that surpasses anything in this life form.

I have been heavy-hearted but am slowly regaining my strength.

Keep me in your prayers. :)

(((BIG HUGS)))