Friday, August 22, 2008

Back Up and Save

I thought I’d tell you something vital to the writing world and maybe you already know this and maybe you do it so much you’re tired of hearing the advice. (Whoever actually TAKES advice when it is given so freely?)

The first bite is: When you’re writing and it is really flowing, you’re so proud of your work that you just keep on meandering through and the lights go out due to a power failure. Uh oh. Did you click save? What, you didn’t? Shame on you.

One time (and I only allowed it to happen once) I lost three pages of writing because I had forgotten to click save. I know I tell you to let it flow, keep writing, turn that internal editor off, but clicking save will keep the mule from kicking you in the butt. You will feel like a total jackass when you lose all your work and then slap your forehead (after rubbing it profusely until it burns.) Then the agony of guilt will set in. All for what? Because you didn’t click save?

Does it take more than a second? Maybe, if your eyes are bad. Will it cost you your flow? I don’t think so. At least if you’re clicking save all the time, you will have something to come back to read. If not, it’s gone and gone for good into the deep dark abyss.

Now the second tidbit of info is this: Back up your files! We’re in an age of depending on machines. We depend on the microwave to cook our food super fast. We expect our clothes dryer to dry our clothes. We want our cars to get us home. And we also hope that our computers are going to last forever. Sorry Mr. Gates, you haven’t made a perfect machine that lasts forever.

Nope if our computer crashes, we lose vital information. Sure the Internet will still be moving full steam ahead without us, but when our little perky computer one day fizzles out, all our work goes with it. At least every three months I make a back up of my writing. Only because I write so much and there is new stuff that the old disc won’t have on it should my trusty handy dandy computer plop right out of existence.

So what are we going to do as soon as you finish reading this? Make a back up file! And what are we going to do as we write our beloved stories? Click SAVE! But my friend, clicking save won’t help you if you haven’t backed up your files. So get to it. Make this machine the best tool you’ve owned. Make it work for you. Carpe diem, Seize the day.
Or better yet, Carpe Momento (Seize the Moment)!!!You’ll be grateful you did.


G. said...

My god it must be heartbreaking to just lose everything with one surge >< Amen to Backing up.

And a very nice blog you've composed here!

joni said...

Thanks for visiting friend! I hope you stop by often. There is alot of info to be found here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

J:"So what are we going to do as soon as you finish reading this?"
S: Tea?

Great piece of advice! A good reminder for someone who has lost everything when the computer decided to crash, let me think . . . twice! OMG!

Okay, I have improved and now I click on save every other minute but I still don't back up that much. I know, I can hear you, shame on me! lol

Now that I think of it, at least some of my writing can be safe on the blog.
Online backuping is safe and good, isn't it? =D

Off to make tea!


joni said...

Online backing up is safe and good yes!

I've found myself using different things (like emails, blogs and unpublished blogs) to store some of my more important work)

I'm not trusting of even the dick on occasion! lol

Back up and save!!!


June said...

Excellent, Joni!

I can't image more important information to give to any writer.

Back up! NOW!

Take care,
(who's off to back up some new short stories...)

Anonymous said...

There's a non-published section on Wordpress that can be used for backing up. There's an option to password protect your posts too.
I found this it's an online backup site.