Saturday, August 30, 2008


Destiny’s Call

Oh gentle flowing whispering stars,

guiding my shaking hand.

Echoing through my body and soul,

I fight to take a stand.

Angelic points of light behold

my eyes can see your glory.

Quaking in my tattered shell,

beseech me with thy fury.

I want forever more to taste,

thy golden drips of sight.

To bask amid your glorious rays,

so still throughout the night.

Carry me in thy humble embrace,

into the brilliant realm.

Where no man breathes a flux of air,

as destiny mans the helm.

copyright © Joni Zipp


Anonymous said...

Today's poem is good for thinking. Thanks for sharing. =)

June said...

Beautiful, Joni.

I've noticed that many of your poems (at least the ones posted here) have elements of nature or something from the night sky...

Take care,

joni said...

Ahhh June they also have a hint of spiritual growth embedded in them. I guess you could say it is the contemplative meaning hidden within? :-)

Thanks for your kind words and visits!