Sunday, August 03, 2008

Poetry Sunday

The Revenge of the Sea

I set ‘asail a calming sea

it called to me one day.

I went to find a peace within

I knew would come my way.

I mellowed on the deck below

my tiny boat was swaying.

My mind was playing tricks on me

with thoughts that I was weighing.

The blackened sky whispered sounds,

a rumbling from afar

It sounded as if God Himself

had left the door ajar.

I rushed up top just in time

to see the clouds were rippling.

The thrashing of the eager waves

made guidance very crippling.

The squall was just above me now;

clouds seemed to descend

upon this tiny boat of mine,

On which I now depend.

Droplets of rain grazed my face

I began to sense a peace.

For in this shroud of turmoil.

The sea's revenge will cease.

A glimpse of golden streams I see.

A beacon to hold my stare.

All at once I realized,

The storm was never there.

Copyright © joni zipp


Raven said...

Hi Joni,

Boy did I ever need this. I'm in the mist of a storm right now, lots of chaos, but I know it isn't really a storm, but the winds of change. I'm weathering it with a rag, a tattered check book and lots of prayers.

Thanks for the lovely poem.


joni said...

:-) It is only a PAASING bit of weather of change.
It too shall pass! I'll keep you in my prayers as we all trudge on together!

Be well Raven! My biggest fan! :-)



June said...

Your words are my oasis in the wilderness....


Take care,

joni said...

Thanks June! I'm glad my words comfort. That is what writing is all about.

Playing catch-up? lol And you just wanted to stop on a comfort note.
:-) This is one of my favorite poems!

Glad you both enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

And a week later here I am for Poetry Sunday. =)
I particularly like the poems referring to the sea. You can imagine I like this one very much.
I'll be waiting for tomorrow's Poetry Sunday!