Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Inspired Writing

A Double Rainbow!

I’m often asked, “Where do you find the Inspiration to write?”

Well honestly I can say, YOU! It is you who inspires me to write each and every day. Sometimes I’m at a loss for inspiration so I need to search and search hard to find the one inspired topic that will get YOUR fingers tapping also!

Sometimes I do prompts. Prompts are helpful in getting that story started when you’re at a loss for words to come creeping out of the keyboard. Maybe the prompt will say, “Look at this picture of a sunset, flower, drainage ditch, unending highway,etc,” and write a 500 word piece. Oftentimes 500 words can lead into a thousand and before you know it you have a Short Story ready for your friends (in a writing workshop) to review and help with revising.

A prompt can also assist you in putting some muscle behind your muse. It will have you pumping out your writing and you’ll be sitting there wondering how you ever got to 500 words. There’s a really cool link over there to the left, Pumping Your Muse, produced my my dear friend Donna Sunblad, a published author, who herself is pumping out tales like candy on a conveyor belt.

Inspiration can also come from things that are happening throughout your day. Let’s say you go to a fast food restaurant and you are seated behind a bunch of gabby teenagers talking about life. Well, there is a story just waiting to be written. You don’t say that you eavesdropped, you write a story from what you overheard. Be creative and embellish what you heard and you, as a writer are good at embellishing, right? RIGHT!

Now for my poetry I need a different form of inspiration. I write spiritual verse, so I need to look at things from a spiritual perspective. When I see funny shaped clouds it inspires me to write about the beauty of the sky and from whence they came. A rainbow can inspire a multitude of poems, and my inner faith often leads me to the path of writing poetic muse for the soul.

I already have over 50 poems of some of my best spiritual poems together and as soon as I find an editor that accepts poetry, I’ll let you know. I would aim at Epress but they don’t do poetry anymore. I have a lot of respect for the editors and people who run the place so they were my first choice. But one never knows, time can change and things rearrange and maybe they’ll have a change of heart. Until then, you’ll have to dip your fingers into my poetry on here and enjoy the feeling you get from being inspired too.

Get inspired and WRITE RIGHT!

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