Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ The Mirror of Me

The Mirror of Me

I look in the mirror who do I see?
Is the Lord’s luminescence shining through me?
I look through the window and all is clear
Nothing obscured; no lurking fear.

Do we project what we want them to believe
are they in the window trying to retrieve,
the me they see or the one left behind
I want to transmit the me that they find.

Selfless in my pursuit of love
a little push and a lot of shove.
I shatter the false illusion of me
giving the truth that you too, will see.

If you behold light, glory and beauty
Shining is faith, my earthly duty.
Watch the candor of which I bestow
Remember the vein of the Lord does flow.

A river of love is radiance seen
a fluid luminance of a glorious sheen.
I am what I am and what He made,
the perpetual mirror that will never fade.

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