Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ Letting Go

Letting Go
All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp***
His arms outstretched
like a branch on a tree
Reaching for the sky
the leaf, I see, as me.

Like sap I’m drinking
the strength He bestows
each arm extending
as this little leaf grows.

I’m green from nectar
that has nourished my soul
growing in strength
understanding my role.

I’m dangling while drinking
the knowledge is near
The season will make
each and everything clear.

Autumn arrives
a brisk wind will blow
I hear something whisper
“It’s time to let go.”

I shiver and shake I’ve
all that I need.
I’m not just a leaf,
but a perpetual seed.
All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp


Raven said...

Very beautiful, Joni.

I love the title. As always, you offer consolation and celebration in your Sunday poem. Though I may not always have time to comment, I enjoy stopping in to read your work.

I'm very happy that you are still here.


joni said...

And I keep writing knowing you keep popping in to read! :-D
This one came to me as I watched a leaf fall from the tree. It had a seed attached to the leaf and made me think of all the good perpetual seeds God has placed here on this earth.
I do appreciate your visits and your support!

Thanks a lot and enjoy!