Monday, February 08, 2010

~Write Right~

Judges 17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Emotionally Write Right

I thought that Write Right was a creative blog name but it must not be, because I found one with an extremely familiar name. And wow, this person actually has the same topics for posts that I did over a year ago!

Is it plagiarism or is it a non-creative mind that sinks their teeth into my blog and repost theirs, just flipping the words around adding and taking away a few words here and there. That person has three posts so far and I will surely keep my eye on the blog, of the same title, minus my One Voice!

I used One Voice because I am only one voice among thousands of writers wanting to help writers along in their growth. I try to come up with creative posts, so that you the reader will find learning, interesting. We writers are part of a collective conscience that interestingly enough, thinks alike. We write the same things, feel the same motion of words, create pieces of art out of shapeless clay.

I write poetry to relieve stress and in the process I inspire others to write or feel something they knew was inside them, they just needed a boost to trigger the memory of what it was. My poetry is a trigger of those emotions. Some people get triggered and some people read without a hint of emotion, leaving them sagging throughout their life. If emotions don’t make you sit up and take stock of your life, then how on earth are you going to write?

No matter what type of characters you have in mind when you're writing, your emotional state is going to feed those characters. It will give them either an unfeeling straw kind of character, or you will create one with a rainbow of words shaping your character in many colors, with many hidden aspects. You can’t just have a cardboard cutout of a character, one without any shape, just the same old thing used over and over again. Your writing will get nowhere with this kind of character.

Our emotions will shape our characters in every way. I read Stephen Kings “On Writing” and in the book, although it it is more of a memoir, he states he was a heavy drinker and basically, the drinking shaped his characters into these weird, all out crazy maniacal people. The alcohol had an affect. Now since he has quit drinking, he has written some of his best work, Lisey’s Story is a spellbinding tale, with a rainbow of characters each having their own personality. You can tell his mind is clear.

Emotions are what drives our characters and our state of mind spits them out onto the paper. I’m hoping you don’t spit on the paper and that you spill words, dredged up from the pit of your being and state of mental health bringing forth a delicious character. Remember, pieces of our characters are all bits of us. Give the world a great character and we see little crumbs of you, the writer. Become One Voice to YOUR reader.


Stormcrow said...

Well, I liked the stories that came out of King's drunken stupors, but his books have become a lot more meaningful since he sobered up.

joni said...

I love his drunken stupor stories! lol Dark and quirky, just like me.
But sobriety brings clarity and with clarity comes meaningful insight, hence his better writing!

What a great author! :-)

Ro said...

For the last couple hours I've been importing Duma Key to put on my iPod for the trip. I haven't read King in quite some time, so I'm excited!

JayNoi, did you see my last word pictures post?

I really want to check out that other blog and be not so spiritual in comments, but I'm using restraint ;)

joni said...

I loved it Ro. The descriptions were right on. Cool!

And you will absolutely LOVE Duma King. Might bring you back into the King fold? ;-)

Getting close for you now. EEK! *biting nails*

Jnoi :-)

p.s. Get as spiritual as you like, we only live once. lol

June said...

Love how you incorporated "one voice" into this, Joni!

Keep your wonderful posting coming -- and I love you list of quotes and awesome poetry.

Take care,