Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poetry Sunday~ Destiny

by: Joni Zipp
The stars they tiptoe across the sky
emitting light for you and I
A twinkle here, a shimmer there
a pirouette without a care.

A bold ballet in the expanse
friction of light; nothing to chance.
How we met and came to be
was nothing short of destiny.

Our souls collided with light fair ease
a wayward laugh lost in the breeze.
Never knowing where we’d be led,
with years behind and many ahead.

Our love will dance just like the stars
within the cosmos across to Mars.
On the horizon and into the plains
springtime showers, the summers rains.

From here on out our love will grow
display a gorgeous wondrous show.
No need for eyes to dearly impart
all the warmth lain in my heart.

All the years we’ve shared together
through the wind and stormy weather.
For years to come our love will soar
Eternity lasts forever more.

On this day I duly declare
all my love beyond compare.
As rays of light have no end,
My Valentine, to you I send!



Matt. 22:37 Jesus said unto him,thou shall love the Lord your God with all thy heart,and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.


Stormcrow said...

I love you too baby. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ana said...

Very beautiful,sonorous rhythmical poem to celebrate LOVE.



June said...

Awesome, lyrical, and thoughful.

And an appropriate subject for this (or any) day.

Beautiful, Joni!

Take care,