Friday, February 26, 2010

Pri No Wri Mo

John 9: 5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

I did pri no a few years back and you know what, to get myself back on the constant of writing, I think I’ll do it again this year. (there’s a goal, June.)

What is PriNo? It’s Private Novel Writing Month which takes place in May. Like NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) we belt out 1500 words a day for a month. But in Mr. Bennings prino, any writing counts as a springboard, just as long as you are writing!

I need to get back on track and my friends June and Raven are always talking about setting goals for yourself. I got a little sidetracked last year when we moved and life was just all over the place for me, just ask Steven. It has still not returned to normal but at least I’ve had some focus lately, enough to get my blog done on a regular basis, mentoring f2k, keeping the forest alive in 911 (my group at WVU) and trying to keep up with the domestic stuff too.

Did you ever notice how life happens no matter what your goal is? If you make plans, they get broken. You set goals and they get sidetracked. You try so hard to keep some brevity and instead you get white-washed. I keep a positive outlook no matter what negative forces try knocking me down. They can pull out the bulldozers but guess what? I’m a Superwoman against those things and they can not and will not move me!

I think I have my story for prino in my head dancing around. Jayden is a girl who was looking for prince charming and realizes after many moons that she has only found the same thing she left behind, pain. Plenty of conflict will abound as Jayden and Prince Otto try to find a place of meeting of the minds but does Jayden know the secret of the power that brought her to this prince in the first place?

Can a protagonist be fear, mistrust, disillusionment? Does it really need to be a person, per se? Okay, I’ll put my spiritual spin on the story as usual and there will be many forces that battle it out for Jayden’s soul, and which one wins in the end, is anybody’s guess.

Maybe not exciting sounding as of yet, but remember, I’m just toying up there in my brain and something, I’m sure, will concrete itself and fixate on me in the process of building this tale. For now, it is a goal to work towards. I’ll get it together and noooo I won’t be sharing it with my blog friends because it’s a big secret as to what will happen to poor Jayden.

So there you have, prino! The force that will reckon with me to pull me back into the realm of imagination and character building. Maybe you all need to set some goals too, not just set them, stick to them!


Stormcrow said...

Yup, it's always important to set goals, and then follow through with them!

joni said...

Yup, in writing and in life. When we set a goal and never follow through, we are only hurting ourselves.

June said...

LOL, Joni -- you're too funny. (Yes, I love your sense of humor.)


Part of goal setting is to include followup -- when are you going to check back to see if you're following or goals, or if they need adjusting.

Life is full of challenges so we are FREE to change our goals (if necessary and if that's what we want).

If you have a large goal, break it down into smaller steps.

Goals for fun! And think about the reward for your accomplishments! (REALLY!)

Oooopppsss...this is starting to sound like an article from my newsletter or blog post.

Take care,

June said...

...and how did I miss PriNo in previous years??????????????

Take care,

joni said...

I think this started in 2006, the PriNo.

Just ask benning and he'll fill you in. :-) He's always a chatter-box. lol

And I'll be working on the Jayden tale, no joke. Still making plans and setting a goal for it. :-)

benning said...

So I sent June an invite.


joni said...

'bout time Mr. Benning! And uh, the chatterbox reference up there,well I uh... lol


benning said...



Ro said...

Hmmm. Where did you get the name for your protagonist? :)

joni said...

Well Ro,
When my niece was little she had this friend in her class named Jayden. I thought cool name. As I got older and met online folks, some called me Jay. I thought once again, cool name. Then, a blind girl came around and she drifted off somewhere to get herself a guide dog and guess what the fellas name is? YUP, you guessed it. :-)
Since I don't believe in coincidences, this name must mean something significant, wouldn't ya say? :-)
Welcome back Ro!! :-) And pat Jay for me. lol *big smile*

Ro said...

Awesome!! So now when the book is famous, my boy's name will be in it. Except it'll be a girl's name. Hmmm. Hehe!!! So good to be back. Still catching up on your blog. Several people have told me recently that I need to make my blog into a book. So, guess I better start studying up. You know what I was thinking though, I leave some of my posts unedited because I want to keep it exactly how I felt in that moment. But would that work in a book? Would an editor scream and cover her head?


joni said...

Well I could make my antagonist a dog. What a concept! lol

You will have to fix the typos as you put it together.
And they might look at it as a journal type book, whereas it would only seem appropriate if the thoughts flowed like you were in the here and now.

Editors are a tricky bunch. Some like some things, others like perfection. You'll seek out a tricky one, okay? lol

Some editing, some fixes, some things you really didn't want anyone to know omitted, and you're good to go. :-)