Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Knowledge is Power

2 Samuel 22: 33 God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.
Do you really understand that statement? Knowledge is power? Let’s think for a moment shall we? Without the knowledge that we have as individuals, we could never carry on living day to day with functions and technology. We’d wither for sure.

We begin drinking in knowledge from the day we’re born. Yup, the day you were born and inhaled air for the first time, your mind wondered what all the light was from. From that day on you sought to know the light source; where it came from and why it was here, who created it and so on.

Month after month your thirst for knowledge went from the mini to the macro. And as you grew, you wielded the power that knowledge gave you. What? You don’t wield power? Yeah sure you don’t. Never have? Okay, you’re lying to yourself.

Think back a minute. Remember those days when you were thirsty, you were a newborn with wrinkles the size of a cavern, soft as a cloud yet you, the tiny little rugrat, wielded power! You CRIED! When you cried, your mother gave you milk or food or a pacifier, or whatever else to satisfy you so you wouldn’t cry anymore.

You realized this crying game made you achieve something. You my friend, wielded the POWER like it was a red flag of warning to your mom. You knew that crying was one way to get her to notice YOU! You knew knowledge was power, and that wielding the juicy stuff, got you places.

We did this all of our lives but we’ve gotten more creative. Now when we want something, we ask for it. The older we get, the less we whine for something(most of us whine less, anyway), but still we wield our power, this is great knowledge.

As writers we need this knowledge to propel us forward. I say, you can never gulp down enough knowledge but you have to be willing to understand how you can wield it, or as we get more advanced as humans, we utilize our knowledge. We’re going to put to use all that we have gained.

We’re going to become better writers, we’re going to revise our work, we’re going to be persistent and persevere until we become a published author. Then when we become published authors, we’re going to be energized enough to move forward like a freight train and keep going. Not for the love of money, but for the love of writing and for the fact that we now know...knowledge has given us POWER!


Stormcrow said...

Schoolhouse Rocky, a chip off the block, from your favorite schoolhouse, Schoolhouse Rock!

joni said...

So that's why this title sticks with me? I lived on Schoolhouse Rock!
Woohoo! lol

June said...

Well thought out post, Joni!

And you went past the point (last paragraph) that most writers think about. Once published the learning and growing doesn't stop.

And may it never do so!

Best wishes!

joni said...

Yes June, I see us always evolving as human beings, not in the Darwin kind of way, in the God intended kind of way.

As I watch my mother who is 73 learn new things every day, you just realize, we never stop learning and growing.

And there is always room for change. :-)

Feed the muse and it will feed you~joni