Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poetry Sunday~ Dear Lord ...

Pss. 63:7 Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

Dear Lord....

Dear lord I pray to thee
with all my heart and soul set free
shower me with all your love
rain on me from high above.

Heavenly Father I know not
what your will is in my life
you cater to my every whim
by lifting pain and strife.

You hold my hand when I fear
I walk with bated breath
you stand near caressing my soul
at the hour of my death.

I can not pretend to know your plan
when doubt and fear collide
My will is not yours, this I know
From in the shadows I hide.

I walk without a tremble
at first I seem to fall
but there you are by my side
to help me through it all.

I hold out hope, that my wants
are equal to your own.
The message getting blurry
through all that I am shown.

Clarify your wants through me
shine in me your light;
So we can find great solace
in the passing of the night.


benning said...

A good one, Joni. Fits nicely with the Psalm quote. :D

joni said...

Thank you! O:)

Moonshooter said...

That what it's all about. Thanks for putting it down so poetically well! Your 'talent' is multiplying.

joni said...

Thank you John! Having the support of my friends works wonders! :)

Stormcrow said...

Now you're talking!