Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Job 3: 18 There the prisoners rest together; they hear not the voice of the oppressor.
I think it was June who did a post on the voices inside your head. I didn’t borrow this idea, someone in class today triggered the voice topic, via sharing her self-doubt with me and thus, I write this.

Have you ever had those voices running around in your head? They’re having a party and  invited you to come and play! These voices are usually the ones of self-doubt, fear, and any other negative word you’d like to throw into the mix of marbles being scattered all around in there.

I always think, Hey, this is my head why can’t I play? Then I jump in full steam ahead barefoot into a bouncy house. I’m loving it, relishing it actually. I’m in here, all good/bad thoughts are on the move, and we are one with the bounce!

Then suddenly, doubt takes a swing at me, he knocks me upside my head, I spin in a circle, my body floats and I’m down for the count. Almost a TKO,only I jump back up and begin bouncing once again.

Has this ever happened to you? Of course not, you’re full of confidence, you walk on air, life is good and everything you touch turns to sold. What? That isn’t you at all? Hmm...well I just assumed everyone had it better than me, was smarter than me, could do more, say more and write more. Guess not.

So once again we’re dealing with the confidence issue. The voices are only there because your confident nature has taken a ticket, and is waiting outside the Bouncy House of Doubt. We need to do something to get all those kids (negative thoughts) out of the bouncy house and put a bunch of positive thoughts in there so that you’re not standing out there when it begins to rain.

First and foremost - Become aware. Make yourself become a witness to the fact that doubt and fear are actually taking up residence. Hopefully you envision your bouncy house square or you won’t ever be able to place denial in the corner, facing the wall.

Second - You need to get in there and wrestle with doubt and fear to show them who is boss here!

Third - If necessary, you can sit doubt and fear down and have a good long talking to. Maybe tell them they are not welcome?

Fourth - In your mind’s eye, become Hercules, face each new day with a positive thought: I can get through the day, I CAN write 500 words, I can, I can I can! As soon as the negative tries to force your hand with the “You can’t do it”, you push harder with all your might, with the force of,  “YES, I CAN!”

Fifth - Get yourself OUT of the bouncy house and enter the Hall of Mirrors. This way you can look yourself in the face with each new turn and know just who is where. You will always be in the lead, you will not falter, you will walk through the maze and realize something as you get a little confused, the door is just ahead into the future. You made it out into the warm sunlight and every day you will take a walk through this place and leave the bouncy house where it belongs, up the hill and around the bend.

The voices have subsided... I CAN face this day! Are you with me?


June said...

I'm totally with you, Joni!

Wonderfulful advice - even beyond writing. Love your practical list of how ways to tame those wild voices.

And yes, I did have a post a while back about dealing with those nasty voices. :)

Love your take on this subject! (You can take anyone's subject and make it your own, giving it your own flavors - love how you put yourself into this post.)

Hope tons of people read this!

joni said...

I knew it! You had a post on Voices. lol
Someone yesterday said she had trouble taming that voice of doubt and fear, and whoosh, the voices post was born.

I had written the one yesterday about confidence (or lack thereof) and these two kind of go together.

I think my writing fans will be happy I'm back to writing about writing. :)

(((big hugs)))