Thursday, June 09, 2011

Going Forward

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
Albert Einstein
I’ve been a tad bit wrapped up in seeing to it that once again, I put others before myself. I’ve decided to move on for many reasons.

One is, I have a tendency to dwell and cling to things that are really not in my control. I watch as others go on with their lives, live it to the fullest, but me, I always draw concern where others are concerned. I live vicariously through them and want to aid and assist. But when it comes to aiding myself? I’m at a loss there.

I need to take control of myself and get busy writing!!! I need to revise my novel, check out some markets and move past the past. Never did like the past anyway, too hard to get over that hurdle as it sticks out like a mountain down an innocent enough path that I’m trudging through on a daily basis. You know what I say? MOVE mountain!!! that’s better.

A nice clear view ahead of me. Maybe it was the shift in temps. The other day we neared 100 and the humidity was awful, and the winds, well they didn’t go anywhere. This morning, my heat actually clicked on because of the drop in temperature and I raced to turn it off because I’m loving the swift cool breeze that is settling over me, giving me clear thoughts and inspiring me to write!

I realized that there is a lot going on in my life that is just not within my control to change or fix. It has me in a flux of mood swings and uncertainty and the kind of person I am, I like to have complete control of every situation, but I know, in the depths of my being, I am not in the driver seat, only God can do the driving. I’m just his passenger, with a seat belt on!

Life has gotten the better of me and it is only through writing that I can just be free to create characters; strong characters who overcome all the obstacles facing them. I can create worlds where the very intricate chromosome of life is in my control. I can bring forth new plant and animal life, have a hobgoblin if I so choose. It is through my writing that I can lose myself and forget that my reality even exists in this place and time.

As Joni is inundated with her present circumstances, drowning in the frothy waves that are washing over her, she will lose herself in the intimate relationship of writing that has come to be a healing and nurturing point throughout her life. 

My writing friends sustain me, are actually THERE for me. The Writing Community is MY family!!! We’ll weather this together, you and I. Now I need to write...

Is anyone else so enamored with writing as I?  Oh, you’re off writing? Glad to hear it!!


benning said...

"going forward"? "tad bit"? *gasp* I weep! I wail! I gnash my teeth!


joni said...

And I used those terms 'specially for YOU!!! lol

Nimaleshwar said...

Thx for the inspired writings Joni. I'm here to MOVE ON I think. If it is impossible to Go I better decide to STAY. I could not stop realizing the fact "This is what I do & what that makes me feel what I'm". Ready or not here I'm to show WHAT I'm REALLY MADE OFF. Hats off for your support & solacing care.

joni said...

*hugs* Nimal!!!

You're the candle that carries the flame, I'm just the match to start the fire going! It is up to you to keep the flame going! :)

And you will! I know it! How? Because you're a WRITER!!!