Tuesday, February 28, 2012

POV~ Point of View

"What a writer brings to any story is an attitude…" John Gregory Dunne
So you want to be a writer? Well you need to know how to write first. I see so many say that they are writers but have they reached into their reader, turned their innards into putty and made them feel as if they were in the very scene. Well depending on which point of view you’re writing from, you’ll need to learn this technique if you were ever to call yourself a writer.

My target audience is writers, as such, you should be able to read and be touched by what I’m saying, carry away with you some new insight of your arsenal of writing, and know, I am a writer myself, so not everything on here is targeted at anyone, my pent up anger lashing out at you, this is MY WRITING. A friend said to me yesterday, it was “scarily creative and descriptive.”

You know what? That is what I go for. I want you to react. Not to think I am targeting you or anyone else but to react to my style AS A WRITER. I tried a second person POV for the first time last week. I have never done that and as I wrote it, after I wrote it, I thought WOW! That was good! Empowering too because I felt it was some good writing!

I got no comments on it, but I hear the rumors seeping through the muddy waters of the so-called writers. They think they can write and are often times put off by my arrogance, knowledge, skill, and style. I figured why they are so envious of me; they wish they could write like that and after years of trying and studying, they still can’t write.

I apologize. I’ve written all of my life and I KNOW what words are going to prick your nerves. I studied psychology and I know what is going to get you hell-bent on liking me or not liking me. Maybe I do seem unstable, I’m a writer! Are writers ever stable? If you say yes, then YOU my friend are not a writer in the least.

Some say I wear my heart on my sleeve, some say I have an angry tone, some will even go as far as to say I am unstable. You know what I say? I am honest to a fault, my blog is not for me to wear a mask and hide behind; good honest truth and love is what you’ll get from me, and some good writing! And you know what else? I don’t remember any of you walking a mile in my shoes, so who are YOU to judge ME?

I also say take a look in the mirror right now, go on I’ll wait. ....  ....  .... Okay, Did you like what you saw? Are you honest, loving, caring, giving, willing to die for another person? Do you look in the mirror and see shame, torment, guilt? From MY point of view, I see me for all I am and all I will accomplish. I see you? Well I don’t. You’re behind  mask, and that my friends is MY point of view!

1st person: I am moving on.
2nd person: *You have decided to move on from all the childish behavior.
3rd person: They tried to take her down, but she was bigger than them, Joni has moved on. 



Tiggs said...


I know I am still learning this POV thing--but I thought 2nd POV was "you" and "she" would be under 3rd POV?

Just trying to clarify what I think I do or don't know--LOL.


joni said...

Hey I said I hated 2nd person pov! lol

My 'Banished' post, I think is in second person. :)

I was asleep when I wrote this, so you are more than likely write, I mean right, right? :)

joni said...

Oh and I've always had trouble with POV. That is why I write in first person, most of the time.