Monday, February 27, 2012


Job 6: 15 My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away;
It is with great regret I have to bore you yet again with personal matters. I am being harassed and slandered and I just want you, my reading public to know, I am neither unbalanced or sick, or on any kind of medication. I am struggling with some health issues but by the grace of God everything is being taken care of and I’m blessed with supportive friends who believe in me.

It may have taken them (my friends in the know and out of the know) a bit to find out that it was I who was being slandered, and that they were being fed lies because to all, she (the attacker) was a poor pitiful friend, and I, became the enemy. The slanderous person who recruited, in her own mischievous way, to attack me and try to ruin my name, it seems it is now all backfiring in her face.

Think like this, someone steals your identity. They purchase all kinds of horrid porn and gaudy clothing. All under your name. The credit card company says, “We can’t help. You purchased it, you’re paying!”  You go on to say, “But someone stole my card, someone else is the sick fiend.” And you try in earnest to clear your name but no one is believing YOU and are beginning to believe the LIES about you.

I know for years, many doctors claimed, that postpartum depression was all in the head. Until finally a doctor clarified it as a serious illness after the birth of a child. Just as the creditors are believing, in most cases, the victims of identity theft. So as my friends will see clearly that I am not the unbalanced one, and that the malicious person used them for her own agenda, and they were just gullible victims as well and fell for it all. No they won’t admit it, won’t apologize for thinking me the bad person. I believe the guilt will play in their minds for some time to come.

But know, as I write, the wicked person has been found out, and is being called on her actions because the proof was stacked miles against her. In this instance she may lose. I say may, because some might still believe and support her with her malicious intentions, but I am getting my name cleared, once and for all!

As a writer I work very hard to make my words clear. I aim them at no one in particular but some feel that they are aimed directly at them. And that is good and bad in many ways. As a writer, I struck a nerve with my reader. But also, as writers, they all assume I’m pointing the arrow at them. I am a writer and a teacher and will remain so for many years to come!


NurseArtist said...

I wish you all the luck in the world, Joni. Keep your head up high. Let your faith lead you, and ignore the defamers.

God bless you.

joni said...

Thanks Dixie,
It means a lot. Really.
Sometimes walking with Christ is a hard paved road, but always my most trusted friend in life. He will never let me down.
Thanks for visiting. Much appreciated! :)