Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ This Day...

This day…

A day set aside for honoring Vets,
So no one lives and ever forgets.
We mourn the dead and the living,
those that served with endless giving.

Thunderclaps sound the heavens speaking,
A choir sings out, their voices leaking.
All sit perched looking down on us,
Wondering why humans cause such a fuss.

We go to war where blood is shed,
pride ourselves in who we left dead.
We fill with anger when it’s one of our own,
taking for granted this Earth on loan.

In war you’re bound to win or lose,
human souls allowed to choose.
The world is full of hate in layers
among us fight the innocent players.

We lay them out like falling leaves
Left behind are all who grieves.
Bitterness held by a storms eruption
Ego’s lifted by political corruption.

Bound are we by God’s own plan
Quickly we judge, His dose on man.
He is in all and all is in me.
Do you abandon or do you see?

We’re living zombies in our own illusion,
our God is not master of confusion.
Never forget all the ones that you love,
We’re intimately formed from the One above.

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