Sunday, November 04, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ Mighty Oak

Mighty Oak

They tried their best to take me down
with nails like claws they wore a frown.
Gnashing, taunting, pawing at me
why won’t they just let me be?

With all my might I stood strong
like the Oak who has lived so long.
Weathering any kind of storm
branching out for new life’s form.

The tree goes through a dormant season
fulfilling life with rhyme and reason.
Bursting forth with fancy flair,
the mighty Oak's still standing there.

They tried so hard with no success,
they now are lost in worthlessness.
Karma goes round the weak and cruel
like a pattern fired with fuel.

Be kind to one who is tried and true
Blessings will come back to you.
But do not seek to weaken the oak,
You’ll soon find out, it’s you who choke!


M. SUE said...

...and from a little acorn...
With the teaching skills you have helped implant, how many "little acorns" have you helped in the grove towards becoming "Mighty Oaks"?
Sending smiling thoughts upon which to ponder,
Auntie Sue

joni said...

Aww thank you my lil acorn who is now too a Mighty Oak! :)