Monday, February 18, 2013

Off for some spiritual healing

Did you hear…

The wind in the trees. Did it pass you by unaware? Did it whisper and you couldn’t make out what it was saying?

This is a writing blog. With over a thousand posts on the writing craft, I have poetry and famous quotations intermingled with my posts. Every now and again I’ll divulge some of my life story, so maybe one person, who might be going through the same thing, might find solace in my words.

Here lately I haven’t felt much like writing, about writing. Why? Because of stats. Statistics show again and again that many come to visit my tell tale life story. I can post a blog on writing and get 50 – 80 hits but let me whisper my life story and wham the stats go up…jumps through the roof.

We’re an odd lot, we humans. Always interested in others shortcomings. Nosey busybodies poking our nose in other people’s business. Is it so we can feel better about ourselves? Do we get a good chuckle and laugh as we say, “Wow that girl has it bad.” And then we run off to tell our other friends, “Did you hear about so and so, did such and such?” Then she tells her friend and so on and so on.

This is what the world has become. And we wonder why we’re in such bad shape? Oh I know, let’s blame it on someone else. I don’t like to talk political jargon, but you know what, I’m sick, extremely sick of people who can’t move on!

The president was nominated, so get over it. He’s here for four more years. Why waste perfect good energy on spewing hate? Do you relish the feeling that hate gives you? Does it feel good swirling around in your mind?

We had a horrific, terrible shooting (a few to my memory) and the president wants to ban assault weapons. Then the cowards sit at home, with no knowledge and spew hate. “He ain’t taking away MY right to bear arms!” So really, you need an assault weapon, for? To display and wave it in your kids face and say, “Look, Daddy’s a man!”

Daddy’s a coward if he needs an assault rifle.

But everyone isn’t really upset about ‘the ban on assault rifles'. They’re upset because ‘it’s MY right!’ Me, me, my my. That’s what the world is all about now.

I understand that the Americans have a right to bear arms, that’s all good, but when should you be given the right to bear an assault rifle? Does a hunter need one to KILL animals? I mean seriously, if he needs more than one shot to kill the doe eyed, innocent victim, an animal, should a hunter be hunting? Make the game fair if you wish to KILL.

I’m sick of all the rhetoric. I’m so tired of all the hate and slaughtering of moral values, I’m fed up with humans in general. As I fought the battle, in the end, it is I who lost.

This is the season where I will try and find myself in the midst of shadows that lurk but are never seen. I will do some spiritual healing and find myself once again.

“In both the Old and New Testaments, fasting is seen as useful for humbling oneself as a sign of commitment or repentance and for increasing faith, especially when accompanied by prayer. Fasting allowed one to be devoted to spiritual matters without distraction from earthly things. However, fasting was not to be considered an end in itself, nor a substitute for obedience to God and doing good deeds.”(Isa. 58:3-10)

As I sit alone in this world with no friends, no family, no one who cares, I will fade to the shadows and one day you’ll see my silhouette standing there, off in the distance. You’ll call out to me but there will be no answer. As you move closer to me I will fade even deeper into the mist, until I am soon forgotten. You’ll move on, forget me, and then remember me.

I hope you wonder to yourself if you had any cause in my despair. Was it you who pushed me to the shadows; Or will you go on with your merry life, consuming yourself with yourself and those that matter to YOU.

In my reflection, I will pray for you all (and for mySELF) and hope to someday return, rejuvenated, revived, reborn.

God Bless you if you are reading this.


M. SUE said...
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joni said...


Wow I get one comment and it gets DELETED???


My apologies if I offended you or anyone else. My spirit needed a rest and that is just what it got. :)