Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ The Ring,The Flame, Sacrifice

The Ring
The ring it wraps around the warmth of my finger.
Endless devotion of my love does linger.
Commitment of truth in faith I am bound.
Nothing obscured; my finger lay crowned.

Deeply enmeshed it's more than a ring.
A sign of his love which makes my heart sing.
A love that surpasses everything immortal.
Entrenched is he in the depths of my portal.

Laying claim to my body, my soul, and my heart,
The ring is a symbol my love won't depart.
A reminder of trust that I'll never stray.
Promises made when he placed it that day.

The ring it marks all we hold true.
Encircles the choice of starting anew.
It's through the ring that I am reminded,
The light of his love shall never be blinded.

Love's Eternal Flame
 Trust is the flame that burns desire,
Of  loves' sweet embers of a fire.
Melting like wax it rolls downstream,
As blissful as moonlights radiant beam.

Honesty is the wick that molds it as one
Until the flame smolders it can't be undone.
Truth is an endless dripless sea,
Of all that bonds you to me.

Faith is the solid sacred pillar
Love is the eternal ignited filler.
Should the candle be left alone and broken,
Silently I'll wander no words to be spoken.

Sometimes our lives intermingle with one
Allowing us to expand ourselves.
Committing to the spatial amount of time
Remembering to allow each others wings to spread
Into the fullness of a blossom.
Forever being grateful for the journey
Into each others soul
Constantly nurturing…
Each others total hollow shell.

Copyright ©Joni Zipp All Rights Reserved

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