Sunday, February 03, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Heaven's Hope

Heaven's Hope

My head hangs low this evening
when all the world’s asleep
I give my heart to heaven
so safely it will keep.

I lift my eyes to the sky
where once my soul was free
Heaven bound is my words
I’m left on bended knee.

A sinner stands among you
God has frowned they say.
a little piece of paper
makes me right with God today.

The shadows of the tendrils
as fog has crept on in
Lonely in the mist I sway
stained, I stand in sin.

Confused I’m left to wonder
will the vapor cloud subside.
The hypocrite in me released
No longer do I hide.

God’s own gracious glory
is my only way to cope
Standing firm in my belief
a door of heaven's hope.

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