Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poetry Sunday

Live to Die

Born of this world
we are doomed to try,
Doomed to live
but freed we die.

Life speeds by
no time to slow
The mind is often
not allowed to grow.

Smell the flowers
breathe the air,
Slow the motion
of life with care.

Beauty in sunsets
the rising moon.
Cherish it all
it ends too soon.

* * * *

Our Earthly Duty

My mind spins a column of webs
in this clouded world we live.
Worldly possessions of wants
never outsource what we give.

I feel I’m alone in pursuit
of wanting to see it end.
Wars, fires and poverty
bureaucracy unwilling to bend.

Changing it all for the better
a haunting daunting task.
One by one we succumb
shedding our outer mask.

Now is the time to rise above;
take aim at our earthly duty.
Each man on his own mission
to share the wealth of beauty!

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