Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Shadow Knows

Psalm 27:13 (NIV) I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

Writing for myself…

These days I’m writing for myself. If by chance you pass on by, lucky you but I’m no longer promoting my blog on facebook, so if I’m not one of your bookmarks, you more than likely miss what I’m writing. I might on occasions share a poem on facebook or maybe my quotations but no, facebook isn’t working out for me these days. Maybe with the New Year as I take hold of doing new things, new classes, writing, remaining sane in an insane world, I will write to inspire.

I’m distancing myself from all things that bring a negative energy into my life. While facebook is okay, there is a negativity that cannot be cleansed simply by bathing. I visit, click a few likes, thank the two people who still remember me and sometimes think of me, then I’m on my way with the busyness of my day.

Here lately my household has been taken over by what I feel is dark negative force. So eliminating facebook and all its false images and negativity has driven me to take a deeper look at my surroundings physically. I see a collapse in view. Crumbling of walls where only rubble is left to pick through and I feel a pain in knowing this and the inability to stop the movement that has begun.

My son loves The Walking Dead and now Steven has found it on a site where he can watch TV shows with listings from A-Z. I understand that people are fascinated with Zombie’s and wanting to watch people eat people but where do you draw the line? Steven’s list started with the innocent watching of Gotham then Agents of Shield but now includes Fringe, Falling Skies, Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow and Hemlock Grove, which he lost interest in, I think. Hemlock Grove looks like a soft-porn show with demons, vampires, lesbians and nudity on Netflix, but I could be wrong about the soft-porn. (Too judgmental?) Sometimes I do judge a show too harshly but it is only by MY moral standards, apparently.

People crave these dark shows because just as when they sought God and the Light, they feel they are protected in some way and can walk with the dark being for a bit uninfected. How wrong is THAT assumption? Yes, it’s just TV shows but again, where do you draw the line in what you allow to seep into your conscious? How can the dark shadows be in your outer conscious awakening, without leaking in bits and pieces to your sub-conscious to your very consciousness of being?

What comes over people to make them take steps toward the evil calling them? Well I just answered my own question. Evil comes over people. Satan licks his finger and touches a person and you can hear him joyfully boasting, “Tssssssss, gotcha.”

What starts out as innocently watching a few dark shows, grabs a hold of you and pulls you in a direction you no longer have control of. You can pretend to have control but darkness is nothing to control, it is something to push away, something to obliterate from your life.

From the very first man, a woman smote Adam, and they began their lust-filled adventure, one that we as humans cannot get control of in this lifetime. We can pretend, we can ask forgiveness and be forgiven a thousand million times, so we feel the sin is worth it because hey, we’ll be forgiven.

I understand it is our human nature to sin. It is impossible to live a sinless life but we can strive to be better humans and walk with the Lord, who IS sinless, and maybe just maybe His traits will rub off on you.

I am so thankful every day that the Lord is my breath and life sustaining virtue. That He carries me through the darkness whether by His side, or in His arms, He’s there to see me through all the darkness that tries to grab hold of things in my life. That’s one thing I can say, not boastingly but rather confidently; I am a beacon of Light in a household that succumbs to dark shadows lurking. Praise the Lord, Amen!


Debbie Seko said...

Great post! I agree with you. I have even lost interest in some of the detective and cop shows I use to watch. I'd rather fill my eyes and mind with good heartfelt things. Nice writing! ;)

joni said...

Finally a fellow prude! lol That's what I call myself because I have moral standards. :/

I like God reigning my heart and soul and nothing in this physical world can do that for me. :)

Thanks a lot, Deb!