Monday, February 01, 2010

I sense a good week...

Pss. 3:3 But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Well the senses lesson went off without a hitch. I wasn’t let down as writers across the board dabbled in bringing the senses alive.

They made clouds out of marshmallows, the sea became a frothing cup of espresso, a river was birthed, a tree swayed, a path was made and I was led down a writing frenzy. These are supposed to be amateur writers but I was quite impressed with the remaining writers at f2k.

Most of the new folk who had a dream of writing, realized all too soon that they had to actually work at it and writing wasn’t something that they could just do. Their introductions led me to believe that their heart and soul wasn’t into writing and I can usually tell if this is really what a writer wants, but we lost a few.

The few who were lost came and went like a brief spring shower. They’re out there wanting to become a writer but they are not willing to take the long hard grueling steps to becoming a writer.

Now we have a few hanger’s on. These are the ones who are wholeheartedly doing all they can to become a writer in every sense of the word. They’re studying the craft intently, they’re practicing sentence structure, they’re even flirting with new words.

These are the people who have an innate sense of what it takes to be the artist that they want to be. Artist are not just thrown into the world knowing all they can about the craft. They learn on every level, grab hold of the intimate aspect and feed off the style to bring you, the reader, into a realm that they call their own.

Have you ever wondered what Picasso was thinking when he painted his masterpieces? What Stephen King is thinking as he jots down his stories? (Oh dear, I put Stephen King next to the same sentence as Picasso! You won’t see that too often.) Well I’m here to tell you that they weren’t thinking anything. They worked to create and delivered to us some of the worlds greatest masterpieces.

The two artist are a lot alike believe it or not. They love (or loved in Picasso’s case) what they do and shower the public with pieces of themselves through their work. (No pun intended Picasso.)

So why not as a new writer, dig deep into yourself and pull out the artist that you know yourself to be. The person that longs to give society what they’re missing. Give it to them!

And whatever you do...write write write!


Ro said...

Is there going to be a place where we can read what these people write? That would be cool.

joni said...

We couldn't do that. They are writing to get their work published hopefully and since it is a secured site, none of it gets viewed except by us mentors and the peers. :-)

You'll have to wait and buy the books, or audiobooks! :)

Glad to read ya Ro!


Ro said...

Ah, that makes sense. Ok, so you'll let us know if any of your people get published, then? Oh btw, I'll be doing a word pictures post tomorrow. You just wait till you see what I got!

Ana said...

Good post,Joni.I can understand the few people who left because writing well is not a ride.It is hard work:sometimes a little frustrating but most of the times very satisfying.

I know Picasso started painting when he was very young and was watching his father do it.
Anyway,the Art and craft of wriTting involves many things but most of All you must have the PASSION FOR WRITING.PASSIONS ARE INSIDE YOU AND CANNOT BE SILENCED


joni said...

Yes Ro, I'll let you know! :-)
And I can't wait to see what you got. I read you're post about you going to the mailbox, and loved the descriptions of the dogs whiskers brushing your hand. You're on your way!!! Woohoo! I'll peek in tomorrow! :-)

Hi Ana,

It is so true. I know there are so many on the board at f2k that went off to college and got a degree in something else, only to be pulled back to writing. Writing was their passion all along but they allowed society to steer their career.

But we all know...writing in any way shape or form is such a healer. :-)


Stormcrow said...

I think you're either a writer or you're not. If God didn't give you a talent for it, no amount of study or practice will force it out of you.

joni said...

A passion! A God given passion!

:-) joni :-)