Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry Sunday~Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine

The sunset does not glisten
like the stars soon to follow.
The night sits calm and quiet
as pain has left me hollow.

Night creeps in to peek its head
the crimson seared my mind
The barricades have been built up
across the sands we’d bind.

Often times a glimmer of hope
will shoot across the sky.
But morning claws toward me
I lay here left to die.

Tears they stream silently
upon my bloodstained heart
where has all the love gone;
my pain soon to depart.

The moonlight shadow dances
across this soul not mine.
I hunger for him evermore
my bloody Valentine.


joni said...

To whom it May Concern:

This poem is Joni doing the macabre. What? Does Stephen King get to do it all? lol
I'm fine, just some dark writing. :-)


Stormcrow said...


joni said...

Hey, Stormcrow? You're still among the living? :P muahahahaha