Sunday, February 28, 2010

Poetry Sunday~ Home sick

The Baltimore Skyline
Inner Harbor
I long to see the place called home
where all my kin are left to roam
where asphalt streets line like rails;
ships in the harbor with stately sails.

Yearning in the pit of my being
belonging nowhere but always seeing
parts of me that lay back there
where love abounds people that care.

The misery I left behind
is now long gone but there I’ll find
the blood of me it’s who I am.
They don’t know I give a damn.

Too many years, I’ve shed the pains
a shell of a woman is all that remains.
Time to see what I’m all about
and fly back home without any doubt.

I’ll shed the seasonal winter blues
cling to hope and morning news.
Drop back into my fresh made bed
the place I dwell and rest my head.

I’ll dream about the years gone by
think of home with tears I’ll cry.
Have they forgotten I’m still around,
a little lost but maybe found?

Don’t pity me for this painful plight,
Fill me with the glorious light.
I may not be back home for a while
I know where to turn when I need a smile.

The days will be somber until I see,
the faces of my family.
Proverb 7:19 For the goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey:


Stormcrow said...

It seems like we spend large portions of our lives trying to escape our pasts, but I think we all have to get back to our roots sooner or later. To exorcise the demons if nothing else.

joni said...

Hmm... I only tried to escape my past seven years ago. Never had I thought it possible before then. And now, when my heart yearns to see the family I left behind, I surely won't exercise any demons. I just want a quick visit, a nice warm hug, and then come right back here. :-)