Friday, October 15, 2010

Good News! To see again...

Matt.19: 26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Well folks, good news came in the way of a telephone call yesterday.

As many of you know, if you’ve read my blog, that my beau is blind. We’ve been trying to get help, we’ve been praying, and maybe our prayers have finally been answered. He needs a cornea transplant and cataract surgery and we’ve found out that one eye, his right eye, has possibilities.

Our first trip to Omaha was wind swept and the long drive was tiring and back-aching. It’s a four hour trip both ways; that’s four to Omaha and four hours back home. The first trip we met with 35 mph gusting to 45mph winds which, you might think me a big sissy, but driving on a narrow two lane interstate, with wind pushing and shoving the truck to and fro, is not a fun task.

In front of me trucks were swerving left and right trying to stay in their lane, to my left cars flying by me at no less than 80 mph, and to my right, a rippled edge to keep drivers awake? Well at 80 mph hour that ripple helps you in losing control of your vehicle. On that day, I never reached 65mph. It was sixty all the way. To top it off, it was a ninety degree day and we have no A.C. in the vehicle, so it was also a dripping wet travel experience.

This trip was more pleasant. No winds, cool temps, still back aching, but a nice trip nonetheless. We were in the office maybe twenty minutes then it was back home.

The wait. We had to wait for the dr.’s office to let us know, if after looking behind the cataract via an ultra sound, if the eye was well enough to go through surgery so beau can see again.

The call. It came and she (the assistant, never a doctor) said beau needed more test but the dr. thought that the eye looked well enough back there to perform surgery. Good news!!! A resounding WOOHOO!!

Another trip. Well actually it will be many many more trips back to Omaha, but our next trip is scheduled for November 13. The doc is going to do even more tests, hopefully put him on the cornea donor’s list, probably get him to see a dermatologist and a sinus expert (preferably in Kearney) closer to home.

The wait. More waiting as we’ll have to wait for someone to die, to donate a cornea and be a perfect match. To think that God already has someone picked out to die so my beau can see again is scary. His last doctor was scrupulous in picking out a cornea and did all the aids testing, and other transferring tests that needed to be done so that the surgery was successful. He got an eighteen year old suicide victims cornea last time. It had a life expectancy of twenty years and lasted only seven in my beaus body. I pray for that boy and the family who donated his cornea. And I pray now for the next person and their family.

We wait in anticipation of seeing again. If only for a year, two years or seven, he will see once again if things go well! That is certainly GOOD NEWS to share with you all!!!


Deborah said...


Ro said...

That's great news!!!

I'm gonna tell myself that someone will die and SC will be the lucky recipient of the cornea so I don't get the whillies thinking that someone has to die for him to see. ;)

joni said...

Hey that's mine! lol :)

joni said...

It's a hard line Ro,
We never know why things are the way they are, but for man to make this happen, he needs man to provide the tissue.
Now God on the other hand could just save BOTH, the person who will die and the person who gets his sight back. :)
It's all so crazy. I can only give it up to God because He is the only one who knows the why's of all this. :)

Kristena said...

Wonderful news:D

it's a scary thing to be going blind
I know that too

but Gog IS in control and He does work all things together for good

I love what you said in your last comment "God can save both" We have a God that we can trust completely!
it's so good to know. We have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.

He blesses our boots off everyday!!

this is wonderful news. You and the donor and both families are in my prayers


joni said...

Thanks Kristena,

God has surrounded me/us with a lot of friends who lend enormous support during these tough times.

And you're one of them, thank you!

M. SUE said...

I just read this great news! How exciting!
Let's not take the shine away by dwelling on the "someone has to die" bit! I have happily signed to be an organ donor. Granted, I am no longer 17, but when I no longer need my earthly organs, how happy it should make my loved ones to know someone else is blessed because I chose to give!
And they DO KNOW...may my choice not be ignored, overlooked, or forgotten when the time comes.
Smiles ~ Sue

joni said...

Great Sue! Organ donation is important and it is not only the eyes, it's many tissues. So good for you!!! (((Big hugs)))

I would never dwell on the thought of someone dying for this to happen. But we HAVE to be aware of the realities or we all think "Wheee this is Candy Land, lets go by some candy, all done, all good."

This is a serious thing, serious issue, many complications involved and reality smacks you in the face.

I'd love nothing more than it to be one, two, three easy.

But I'm sure you know,as well as I, nothing in life is easy. :)

Just keep those prayers coming!!! :) They ARE being answered!

June said...

Crossing my fingers and adding my prayers to many that this works out! Keep us posted, Joni. :)

joni said...

Will do June. Will do!