Friday, October 04, 2013

The Reflecting Pool

Job 32: 18 For I am full of matter, the spirit within me constraineth me.

This week I feel that I’ve gone and jumped in a reflecting pool. I’m doing a lot of reflecting and thinking things through so bear with me. I know my whining about no internet for three days might make some of you say, “Enough already!” But I hope you see how dependent and addicted to the web my family and I have become. Also realize, my son has outside activities like school, and my man, he works. Me, I blog/write! I would much rather be addicted to the internet than suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. But like I said two weeks ago, we give up one addiction and fill it with another. At least this one isn’t sucking out all my brain cells or is it?

The God imposed fast was like He himself gave me a little push into the reflecting pool, and at some point in your life, I hope you take a dive yourself. Reflection is a way of seeing the truth in matters. When you look in the mirror, you are seeing the truth of what you look like, not a photoshop picture of what you WISH you really looked like. Nope, the image you see reflecting back from the mirror is the real deal.

The reflecting pool allows you to walk up to the edge of the water line, look down and you can see what’s in your soul. Yup I looked at my soul and it took a complete cut off from the wide world of the web for me to see an honest reflection of what MY soul looks like.

I saw ripples of the life I made for myself.
I saw me as a positive influence on others.
I saw me sharing the truth (or what I see as truth) and people getting it.
I also saw me striving to write and taking anything that falls on the page as a baby step towards my writing journey.
I also see everything anyone posts (blog, twitter, facebook) as an attack on me personally, as a human being, especially all the negative posts that people can’t keep themselves from posting. It affects peoples psyche! Even if it is intended to inform, it really comes across as ‘We’re too stupid to already know this stuff’?
I see me in prayer praying for each and every friend that I’m in contact with on facebook. (not so much the twittersphere)
I find peace in knowing I can’t save the world and that it isn’t all on my shoulders to bear.
I know I don’t need to run a popularity marathon to make me feel special. I feel special just being myself.
I am loved for just being me.
I saw my pain washing downstream with all the negative thoughts clinging to it.

My eyes were opened to what is wrong in MY LIFE and definitely see a way in making it right, and it isn’t in random hate-filled post. It isn’t in the outside social media trap, it is within! I’m liking who I am within, and praying for those who need to feel loved and are finding a satisfaction in false love.

Others need to see themselves as part of the very problems they so readily post! By you feeding fires and fanning flames is NOT the way to make a point. Do something about it physically! Words are just babble.

As I will continue to share positive things with substance, I will shun and run from all the negativity and it will force me to do a self-imposed fast of the internet. I will not be a follower.
“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” ~Albert Einstein

The message in this post? Take the time to jump in the reflecting pool and really look at yourself and who it is that you present to the world. Maybe what YOU see won’t be what the world sees.

Pss. 40: 8 I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.

Prov. 16: 18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

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