Monday, September 01, 2008

Funday Monday!

Malapropisms abound -- Use and Misuse of the English Language

In writing, using the proper word from the English language is essential. (I’m assuming my readers are using the English version.) Understanding the meanings, pronunciations, and the proper spelling of words and phrases becomes a no-brainer to the avid writer.

awoken ~~~ wary ~~~ bored
awaken ~~~ weary ~~~ board
fined ~~~ who ~~~ decadence
find ~~~ whom ~~~ decadents
wander ~~~ soared ~~~ inane
wonder ~~~sword ~~~ insane
including words like, accept and except, allusion and illusion, council, counsel, affect, effect.

You get the picture? Words can be confusing not only to the eye but also to the ear AND on the Microsoft word page. You would think our spellcheckers pick up all of these little words we toss at it? Well it doesn’t. It is not THAT smart. It is not here to do our thinking, only to assist us along the way in getting our work correct.

There are many other words that I find my fellow writers seem to get confused with. It is my nature to be a spell freak. I mean it, if I spell a word wrong I am kicking myself in the butt then I sit with my dictionary and a cup of tea reviewing the English language yet again. (note: a typo is NOT a word spelled wrong!)

We can never fully comprehend all the meanings of every word in the English language but it is reasonable to understand and expect that writers will know of the words in which they write. So be insistent on learning new words. Be incessant, persistent, and exigent in learning and only then will your writing take off to new heights.

~~~Monday Funday Word Day~~~

malapropism ~ mal-a-prop-izm
1. Ludicrous misuse of a word, especially by confusion with one of similar sound.
2. An example of such misuse? "Lead the way and we'll precede."

verbiage ~
1. An excess of words for the purpose; wordiness.
2. The manner in which something is expressed in words: software verbiage.

altruistic ~ al-tru-is-tic
1. unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.
2. Animal Behavior. of or pertaining to behavior by an animal that may be to its disadvantage but that benefits others of its kind, often its close relatives.


Grumps said...

Hi, Joni, Angel Of The South.
I came - I saw - I concurred. ;-)
Congratulations on an excellent site.
My visit has been both pleasant and educational, and I envy your expertise with blogging, and all it entails. If I develop a website, yours will be a good one to emulate. Perhaps you could let me know which web builder you used.
Your writing also deserves commendation. Well done.
As for your photo - it is not far off the mental image I had formed of you.
I hope to return when commitments permit. In the meantime, my path is heading back to the WVU MFA.
'Bye for now, AOTS.
Respect, good vibes, and best wishes.

joni said...

:-) My buddy Grumps!

You finally paid me a visit. From the looks of it, you were glad you did and pleasantly pleased.

I'm glad you came, you saw, and concurred.

I love knowing that all of my friends are finding my work a 'right on' moment!

Just spreading my wings...

Visit often! You'll be glad you did!
And thank you! O:-)

Joni aka AOTS

Anonymous said...

Hehe...and sweet Susan is happy to see her old friends here too. =D

Grumpies! lol I hope you visit Joni's place more often.

I enjoyed this post too, Joni. Thanks.