Sunday, November 09, 2008

Poetry Sunday

The Portal

In the portal of my mind,
there is a window in which I climb.
I often float into the core.
I sense I am an open door.

Gracefully I behold the light.
My weightless body takes to flight.
Seeking a place I long to be.
One in which no man can see.

Penetrating my very being.
It is the truth that I am seeing.
No one grasp this cosmic realm.
I'm left alone to man the helm.

Enwrapped in warmth I behold.
The meaning of life begins to unfold.
Absorbing that which I see,
I bring the light to earth with me.

The portal closes I open my eyes.
Roaming now my souls in disguise.
For knowledge shared is wisdom told.
I’ve a key to my portal that only I hold.

Copyright © joni zipp


Granny said...

Nice one joni, so heartfelt evoking tons of emotion!


June said...

How insightful, Joni! I love the image of the portal and all it stand for. This is the stuff of dreams and life....

My favorite line: For knowledge shared is wisdom told.

Take care,