Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poetry Sunday

Playground of the Mind

Down in the fields where dandelions play.
It's in that place I wish to lay.
In the dewy grass so green.
Endless horizon, a graceful scene.

The aromatic scent that seeps from the earth,
freshly seeded grass has given birth.
Inhaling the fragrance of blossoming flowers.
this quiet abode, I spend my hours.

Newly fallen rain graces my lips,
I do not run but thirst for sips.
I quench my desire and so I drink,
my feet clench the soil and thus they sink.

Droplets embellish my skin so pure,
rampantly placed I crave for more.
The sky has sought upon me to weep.
Cleansed at last I awaken from sleep.

Copyright ©joni

1 comment:

June said...

Delightful and refreshing - and I love the title!

So when is your book of poetry coming out?

Take care,