Sunday, November 02, 2008

Poetry Sunday ~ Fate


Crescent moon
fell too soon.
Liquid beam,
moonlight's stream.
Only seen in midnight's dream.

Blissful love,
morning's dove.
All thought of,
from up above.
Rays sent down, without a sound.

Sanctioned here,
never clear.
Crippled tear,
always near.
All I crave, all I gave.

Lift me somehow,
raise my brow.
Forever now,
made to bow.
Heavens gate, my looming fate.

Copyright ©joni zipp


Granny said...

Good one joni thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Back to Poetry Sunday. =)
Very nice, as usual. The pic accompanies perfectly.

Susan said...

As there's no Poetry Sunday yet, I came to read this one again as I loved it so much. Very beautiful.